Jordan Brandman and the Big Red Fire Truck!




jordan fire truckWell they got ONE thing right. Anaheim IS facing a crisis….

This weekend, the battle for central Anaheim’s Council District 3 took an even more arrogant turn. While many campaigns seem to be dealing with missing or vandalized signs, supporters from some campaigns are posting their candidates’ signs on private property without permission. Others are misrepresenting facts so blatantly one has to wonder why their trousers do not spontaneously ignite right there on folks’ front porches. But this latest stunt takes the cake.

Jerboutofhishole20131113KringThe Anaheim fire union leaders took to the streets in the vintage, decommissioned, and admittedly very cool fire truck owned by someone in the union. We have seen the truck before, in 2014 it appeared at the Lucille Kring for Mayor kick off announcement at Angel Stadium. The only pics I can find are from that kick off event, where we can see some of the truck behind the smirking Jerbal. (right)

In prior years it has appeared with Lorri Galloway. But this is the first year anyone in my immediate reach can recall them using the vehicle with its EMERGENCY SIREN blaring on the City streets!

We caught some video of it here:

At first, many believed there was a legitimate emergency. That emergency became more alarming (forgive the pun) when the siren was clear, consistent, but TRAVELING in an up and down pattern on the grids of our neighborhood, and of a tone quality inconsistent with the usual fire or ambulance or law enforcement siren. While I wondered at my paranoia at a possible “tsunami warning” siren (who knows?) it turns out I was far from alone. Once I saw the campaign stunt as the cause of the siren I went from frightened to amused and back to pissed off.

When one takes a privately owned and decommissioned emergency vehicle out for a spin, one loses the “right” to use the EMERGENCY siren on PUBLIC streets. This vehicle was in no way responding to an emergency. It is not longer equipped to respond to an emergency. Yet someone decided that breaking the peaceful enjoyment of our weekend was OK as long as it was on behalf of their chosen candidate.

This was taking place over and over and over again. Forget that only-day-off  nap. And let’s not discuss the reaction of dogs. All. Day.

Use of the vintage fire truck was not a problem. My own preferred candidate is being supported by someone with a vintage Jeep pickup who drives around with a giant “NELSON” sign in the truck bed. It is cute, it is a great attention getter, and all is fair in love, war, and campaigns. I could even have put up with the clanging of the brass bell, which added a nostalgic touch to the fire truck. That was cute. I get it. But the siren was an overstep. By a bunch. Had you or I, or any other “civilian” made use of an emergency vehicle siren on public streets for a non-emergency purpose, we would have been ticketed (at least) but there is not going to be a consequence for the public safety unions chained at the hip to each other. Both Fire and PD are out demonizing the Mayor for actions he is not guilty of, in order to besmirch his “control” of the Council into the future, leading to the destruction of our public safety departments.

With the legendary Fire Marshall Bill. Coincidence? Separated at birth? Something deeper?

With the legendary Fire Marshall Bill. Coincidence? Separated at birth? Something deeper?

Now the good news, if there is any.  The stunt has backfired rather badly, as calls and emails and facebook posts are reporting others as upset as my own family was. While I only saw the union guys on the vehicle. Others believe they saw Brandman on board and waving enthusiastically. It is entirely possible they merely saw the union reps, and believed one to be Brandman. Given Jordan’s rapidly evolving appearance, it is hard to identify which persona he is sporting this week to begin with. Put someone on a moving vehicle, and it is anyone’s guess who is out there greeting their “fans.” So whether Brandman was behind this or not, whether he was on the truck or not, Jordan is getting his teeth kicked in for it.  In a sense, the Fire unions were out campaigning for Jordan’s OPPONENTS this weekend.

Does that count as an IE that Nelson and Moreno have to report?

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