Election 10/31 — Voter Sacrifice! Mailers and Videos Living Together! Mass Hysteria!




And that is just on the LOCAL level!

And that is just on the LOCAL level!

So. Much. Going on.  Have a look:

  • Some anonymous Dr. Jose Moreno supporter has no fear of Disney’s lawyers!  But the last half of the video, the part without the iconic screen crawl, presumably originated from a different source — and it’s pretty sweet.  (Link is to a Facebook post; if anyone finds a non-FB source, please post the URL in comments!)
  • In other Anaheim-related news, if you missed this story on Southern California Public Radio about the exciting advent of district elections, you should definitely check it out.  Both Jordan Brandman and Lushille Kring were asked for interviews and, probably wisely, both chickened out.
  • Some of you may recall Ling-Ling Chang’s out of control foul-mouthed diatribe from the dais from when she was still a lowly water commissioner.  (Go to the source, if not.)  Well, someone has gone and used their Hollywood technology to perform some video magic.  I can’t get it to load here, but go to LingLingLies.com, which prominently features research and writing from this here blog, and Control-F your way down to “Bad Temperament.”  (Or go through the whole site for more glory.
  • Ling-Ling’s opponent Josh Newman has picked up a couple more big endorsements: Attorney General Kamala Harris and some skinny big-eared guy named Barack Hussein Obama.

      Support Underscores Crucial Nature of This Race

      Contact: Derek Humphrey
      Cell: (951) 805-4167
      October 31, 2016

      WASHINGTON D.C. —Today Barack Obama endorsed Josh Newman in his race for California’s 29th Senate District. Newman is among a select group of state legislative candidates from around the country to be endorsed by Obama. The 29th District encompasses portions of Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties.

      This contest has caught national attention due to Newman’s unique personal story and advocacy for local veterans.

      “We are thrilled that Barack Obama is endorsing our candidates in some of the most competitive races across the country,” said Jessica Post, Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “His endorsement highlights how crucial state legislative elections are to building on the progress the President has achieved and to continuing to move our nation forward.”

  • There are apparently big red signs in Irvine directing voters to this wild and shaky site, “GaidoGrowth.com” — in which Flip-Floppy Dick Ackerman announces to voters, with the help of a talented cartoonist, that as a Councilmember and Planning Commissioner Mayoral candidate Mary Ann Gaido voted for 50,000 new houses in Irvine — in six votes — over the course of a couple of decades ….   What?  THIS IS AN PITCH PAID FOR BY THE DEVELOPERS SUPPORTING DON WAGNER, WHO HAVE DONE MUCH MORE THAN THAT AND WANTED EVEN MORE THAN THEY GOT!  We have a great new entry here in the “we think that voters are stupid enough to believe anything we throw at them” sweepstakes!  But I have an idea — Don Wagner, will you please step forward and condemn all of these six votes — and the many proposals like them that have been put forth by developers?  And promise to step down if you’re elected and it turns out that you actually do support developers, ok?  CRIMINY!
  • Also in Irvine: one of the donors to Dishonest Dave Gilliard’s dishonestly named California Homeowners Association PAC (CAHOA) is a new (created in April) entity named “Evil Khan Group LLC”, which ponied up $5000 to the Dishonest One.  Here’s its info from the Secretary of State’s “Business Search” site:
Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of Process
Entity Number: 201610610048
Date Filed: 04/14/2016
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity City, State, Zip: POMONA CA 91766
Agent for Service of Process: RANDOLPH TAYLOR
Agent City, State, Zip: POMONA CA 91766
    Anyone know a Randolph Taylor from Pomona?  We’d like to find out who the “Evil Khan” is.
  • Our article from October 1, 2015, entitled Brett Murdock to Challenge Ed Royce for Congress: Democrats Get the Guy They Wanted,” just hit 3000 all-time hits yesterday, which is pretty good for our doughty little blog, especially given that he haven’t really promoted it at all since it got 550 hits when it came out.  People are interested in that race; it’s been in our Top 10 Daily in some time.  Maybe that explains why there are so many tired old Ed Royce signs out in the 39th Congressional district — ones that can pretty much be undermined a fell swoop with one of Murdock’s “22 Years is Enough!” or “NO Trump | NO Royce” signs.  Ed’s losing this race would be hilarious, and Murdock certainly is working hard enough to make that possible.  (This was, by the way, the race that Sukhee Kang should have undertaken.  I’d have voted for him over Royce, despite everything.)
  • Murdock has a web ad out too.  Between him and Josh Newman, we up here are the royalty of the signs!
  • “Subsidy Steve” Lodge has a mailer out from the California Women’s Leadership Association (a front group, judging from its funding, for the usual gang of reprobates) in which the first pledge he makes is to “Address the Increasing Problem of Homelessness”! THIS IS THE GUY WHO WENT FREAKING OUT ONLINE ABOUT SANTA ANA’S NEW HOMELESS SERVICES AT THE BUS SHELTER!  Damn, now I gotta find my notes of our face-off on Facebook.  He was like Lucille Kring on PCP.  Soon, I hope, soon….

By the way, here’s more or less how Lodge’s name appears on that flyer:



If Steve Lodge has learned nothing else over the past decade, it’s that he cannot win an election using either the actual name OR THE ACTUAL ISSUE POSITIONS of the real Steve Lodge.  The contempt for voters is … REMARKABLE!  Or maybe he’s figured out that it’s harder for us to make a joke about “Subsidy Chavez” than “Subsidy Steve.”  (Of course, it’s not a joke!)

There’s more, got to stop for now.  Add your tasty bits in comments.


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