(AD-72) “Sorrow for the Lost Lenore”: Vern, Our Criticisms of Candidate Lenore Albert Sheridan Have Been Vindicated




"Can she still maintain the story that her reputation's glory contains nothing slightly gory?" Quoth the Bar Court: "Nevermore."

“Can she still maintain the story that her reputation’s glory contains nothing slightly gory?” Quoth the Bar Court: “Nevermore.”

Vern and I have taken no end of grief in certain quarters.over our crediting the allegations that have been promoted by 2014 72nd Assembly District general election candidate Joel Block, among others, about the professional misconduct of 2016 72nd Assembly District general election candidate Lenore Albert Sheridan.  I’m not going to review them here (although Vern, who got the worst of it, may choose to do so.  They are reviewed in the attached 16-page PDF file with the decision of the State Bar Court.

Some attorneys love to read and chatter about the disciplinary measures taken towards other attorneys.  I don’t, especially when the target is a fellow solo practitioner.  I raise this at all because (1) Albert-Sheridan is a candidate for office  and people should be aware of this before they vote in the race, and (2) Albert-Sheridan went after those people who credited these allegations hammer-and-tongs for the past year, especially in the context of her wrongful endorsement by the Democratic Party of Orange County (she didn’t actually have enough votes to go forward for state party consideration) and her barely making it through that process because the deciding nay vote was late.  When someone fights that hard and that viciously, throwing low blows that their critics are animus-motivated liars, then it’s fair to want to see the record straight.

I’m sure that people will try to goad me into further comment on this, perhaps successfully, but at least for the two weeks remaining until Election Day I’d prefer to leave it here to speak for itself.  It’s not as if the opportunity to vote for Lenore Albert Sheridan is what would be bringing a lot of people to the polls.  It’s just too bad that Nam Pham, her culturally homophobic but otherwise progressive Democratic opponent in the primary,  isn’t up against Travis Allen instead.  OJB will take no position on this race and I’d prefer not to comment beyond this for now.

I'm not going to pull any quotes from the decision. You can click on it yourself.

I’m not going to pull any quotes from the decision. You can click on it yourself at the link below.

Lenore Albert DECISION 10-19-2016

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