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N.B. This is the short, handy version of our Orange Juice Blog June 2016 Primary Voters’ Guide.  If you want to see our REASONING behind these recommendations – and you really should – click on the handy LINKS on each heading. These recommendations are made by OJ editors Vern Nelson and Greg Diamond, both Democrats, with input from our Republican contributors Cynthia Ward, Ryan Cantor, and Tyler Holcomb.  Early voting has already begun, and your LAST DAY TO VOTE is Tuesday June 7.  And if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

Recommendations below — but first … this!

Note: Though not an actually "official form," this will remind you of what you want to say!

… Note: Though this is not an actually “official form,” it will remind you of what you want to say!

President of the United States
Democrats, NPP: Bernie Sanders.
Our Republicans don’t like their choices.   Our condolences.  [Greg says: Vote Gilmore!]
Other parties, your choice is already made.

Member, County Central Committee
Republicans District 55: Ferraro, Khan, White, Withrow, Yezbak.
Republicans District 65: Paden, Bedell, Moua, Nelson, Norby.
Republicans District 68: Fleischman, Lalloway* [*Tyler disagrees], Pauly, Parham, Schatzle, Spitzer.
Democrats District 68: Lucas, Fox, Perle, Sonneborn, Wyant.  (And, what the hell … Florice too.)
Republicans District 69: Cano, Christy, Gordon, Marroquin, Nguyen, Whitacre.
Democrats District 69: Franck-Pantone, Hoffman, Montoya, Moreno, Pantone.
Republicans District 72: Both Briscoes, Both Garcias, Do, Gates.
Republicans District 73: Bartlett, Schlicht.  No one else.
Republicans District 74: Boyd, Daigle, Swan, Woodworth, Rohrabacher.
Democrats District 74: Adler, Burstin, Gillespie, Inada, Khan.

United States Senator
Vern says Sanchez, Greg says Harris, our Republicans don’t like their choices.

United States Representative
38th District – Linda Sanchez.
39th District – Anyone but Royce.
45th District – Republicans for Raths, Democrats for Varasteh, anyone but Mimi.
46th District – Joe Dunn. (Bao Nguyen second best.)
47th District – Alan Lowenthal. (Or Whallen.)
48th District – Either Dem, Savary or Banuelos.
49th District – Doug Applegate.

State Senator
District 29 – Josh Newman.
District 37 – Either one is good — Democrat Grayson or Republican Moorlach.

Member of the State Assembly
District 55 – Gregg Fritchle.
District 65 – Sharon Quirk Silva.
District 68 – Brian Chuchua.  (We’d like Deb Pauly if she weren’t such a hater…)
District 69 – Ofelia Velarde-Garcia (as a protest vote)
Districts 72 – Vern says “no recommendation”; Greg would go with Nam Pham.
District 73 – Now a certified write-in candidate IS opposing Bill Brough: Meshad (sp?) Islam!  (“This Ramadan, vote Islam!”)
District 74 – Katherine Daigle.

Judge of the Superior Court
Office 3 – Andrew Stein.
Office 40 – Larry Yellin.  (Vern says no rec.)
Office 48 – Karen Schatzle.
Office 49 – Thomas Martin!

County Supervisor
District 1 – Michele Martinez or Andrew Do.
District 3 – Write yourself in.  Especially if you are Todd Spitzer.  Because that would be funny.

County Board of Education
District 1 – Beckie Gomez!!!
District 3 – Michael Parham!!!
District 4 – Vern says Norby, Greg says Bedell.

Measures Submitted to the Voters.
We find no problems with any of these, and there are no arguments against given.
State Measure 50, Suspension of Legislators – YES.
County Measure A, Ethics Commission – YES.  (Though Zenger says it’s fake reform and a waste – see comments)
County Measure B, Fiscal Impact Statement – YES.

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