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Anaheim homeless activist Lou Noble is feelin' it.

Anaheim homeless activist Lou Noble is feelin’ it.

I received this e-mail on Saturday, April 16, 2016 10:06 PM

Subject: Fwd: HELP! I need more people to come to my volunteer event.

I was not going to open it, thinking that the event would be within a few days, and as it came from Team Bernie, I was going to forward it to the OJB editors before they finally pivot towards Hillary. Although they are feeling the bern,  they have not discussed the impact, if any, of the Sanders’ campaign at the local level.

I continued reading the e-mail : “a local volunteer in Anaheim, has asked me to help find some nearby Bernie supporters to attend an event Tomorrow.” Tomorrow, meaning Sunday? at 10:00 AM? Forget it, I don’t even go to church anymore on Sundays, not even to the Unitarian. Then I read further :

Hello, neighbors! I’m hosting a volunteer event and I need a few more Bernie supporters to attend to make this event a big success. Will you please attend my event? Thank you, Edgar

La palmaWhen I saw the name of a paisano organizing this event, I felt that I needed to support him, so I responded. I did not recognize his name among the many activists I know. I thought that he could be one of the High School brothers who give nightmares to our local out of town custodian of the western civilization, or a college guy. I got the directions to the place, which was in an industrial area, not in the fancy Canyon business park but in an old rundown warehouse in central Anaheim.

baoI showed up with my old laptop and with my limited megabytes phone.  Eight volunteers showed up. Old and young, flacos and gordos, a couple of ladies, four latinos. Although I had drunk my yerba mate to make sure to stay awake, I wasn’t alert enough to take pictures of the group. The gordito, like many chubby guys, was a real character, sporting Bernie hat and T-shirt, carrying a bunch of signs and stickers. Between eating his breakfast and figuring out how to plug in into the Bernie dialer, he didn’t make many phone calls. I called people in Puerto Rico, and some were old ladies who were just happy that somebody would be calling them, and we ended up talking about rheumatism , other old age problems and herbal remedies.

Edgar turned out to be a very nice fellow, an upholsterer and wicker furniture maker. We all didn’t talk much as we were busy making phone calls, and we left at the scheduled hours as the fans could not keep up with the hot temperature. I felt good that, in addition to my $27 here and there contributions, I participated in this event. I will be able to say that I did my part in a political revolution, whether this revolution is feasible or not remains to be seen.

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