Ta-Rump Roast!




Trump at White House Correspondents Dinner being picked on by Barack Obama and Seth Meyers -- and perhaps deciding then and there to run for President.

Trump at White House Correspondents Dinner being picked on by Barack Obama and Seth Meyers — and perhaps deciding right then and there to run for President.  That’ll show ’em!

Vulgar, unabashed, cynical, cruel, despicable, foul mouthed, revolting, horrid, course, crass, pathetic, nauseating, rabid, nasty, self-serving, obnoxious and of course repulsive and yucky  – are all words best to describe Donald J. Trump, the current Republican Presidential Candidate, Real Estate Mogul and Billionaire, Host of the Apprentice on television for several years, Four time Bankruptcy filer 1991-2009, Married three times to Ivana (15 years), Marla Maples (six years) and now Melania since 2005.  There does seem to be a commitment problem based on that track record.  But then, having owned the Miss Universe, Miss America and Miss Teen USA beauty contests, Donnie has had lots of opportunities for choices in women.  How he missed buying:  Miss Hawaiian Tropic….is beyond us!

The so-called Trump Phenomena “has startled the American Press”.  The Press/Media seems frozen with fear – of the loathing habits of Donald J. Trump who like the mythical Medusa – can kill with a single look.   Trump answers questions with vague broad brushed generalities with little or no substance and zero details.  Trump stands on outrageous convention, thinking that he must live life on Facebook or Twitter in order to exist.  Back, two Presidential contests ago, folks were talking about the political attacks of personal destruction! Trump has taken that strategy to new heights.  In the words of the Highlander – “There can only be ONE!”  The 16 other candidates in the Republican race for Presidential Nomination were seemingly made of weaker, not sterner stuff.  As this contest winds down, it has become quite apparent that Ted Cruz and John Kasich…..will not make it to the big show in July as the Candidate Most Likely.   Donald J. Trump was born in the year of the Fire Dog.  Rabid is a good word for his actions and attitudes when someone tries to take away his food bowl.  Trump is worth about $4 Billion dollars – they say!  But then, anything over the $9 million he borrowed from his daddy to get started in the Real Estate Business (along with Daddy’s Lawyers, Contacts and Business Partners) is still a whole bunch of money. However, we can hardly begrudge anyone, least of all Trump for just creating a successful life.  As the Italians might say: “That’za nice!”

We can say however, that character does matter in life.  Trump has been accused many time of wrong doing, illegal behavior, backing out on deals, breaking his word and failing to follow through with projects with Municipalities, other Real Estate Partnerships and a variety of other endeavors.  When Trump is caught with his pants down on anything – he just doubles down, bends over and lets it fly.  This type of conduct is neither civilized, nor something you might want the younger generations to emulate.  Leadership they say is by example. Willing cooperation is what makes leadership effective and without “willing cooperation” you find dictatorships, banal behavior and most importantly a “Failed State”.  We can look around the continents of Africa and in many parts of Asia and find one “Failed State” after another due to “Failed Leadership”.  If Donald Trump’s current Campaign Manager is any example of those he plans to surround himself with as President of the United States – perhaps we will all need to dig up the ghost of  H.R. Haldeman and get ready for Nixon II.

Trump wrote “Art of the Deal” way back in November of 1987.  It appears he may be writing a new book called “Art of the Bully” in November of 2016.  Donnie likes to buffalo people into corners.  Trump wants to embarrass his opponents.  Trump wants “the audience” to listen intently to his seemingly endless platitudes.  When “the audience” stops listening, he claims he is being treated unfairly.  When “the audience” responds….he doubles down from one outrageous remark to another.  We don’t want to give away the entire text or give everyone a free look into the galleys – which might indeed upset “the great man or great ego” as the case may be.  One thing is sure, it is still amazing to know that Hillary Clinton is a year and half younger than Donald J. Trump.  The Donald does has impressive teeth, which anyone might expect from someone with billions of dollars.   Very white.  Obviously so.  Probably doesn’t drink too much juice or have any occasional cigars.  The red/orange skin is a bit of an issue, and his overweight non athletic look will be something the Global Community will have to get used to,  especially after seeing Obama for eight years.  The hair?  What can you say….unique perhaps?  At any rate, The Donald doesn’t have much problem with any of it, he seems duely happy in his own skin.  Does “The Donald” have any other serious character flaws?  The constant Bait and Switch, Broken Promises, Unsettled Loyalties, A Great Businessman without the sterner qualities of Ethical and Upright composure..perhaps?  Will he in fact incite a riot at the Republican Convention, before it is all over?  But then, we  all shall have to wait and be patient and see what the Donald morrow brings!

Whatever happens in November of 2016, we can say without question that Donald J. Trump does not have the answer to World Peace, Non-GMO Crops, Another War on Terrorism, Immigration Reform, Mandatory Drug Testing for all New Firearm Purchases or Transfers, US ACA/Medicare Healthcare fixes, Increasing Social Security payments, Reducing the Costs of Prescription Drugs, Banking Reform or Mega Job Growth for America.  These concepts will require, dumping a whole bunch of currently elected Congress folks on the take from Big Agra, Big Pharma, the Chemical Industry and hundreds of other Special Interest money people.  Unless of course, Donald J. Trump is going to take money out of his pocket and fund “Public Funding” for all political races in the country?  Maybe, Trump needs to open up that fat checkbook and help the “Little people” running for School Boards, Sewer Districts or Political Central Committees.  As Mom always said:  “Trump?  It just doesn’t quite have a ring to it, does it!”   Donnie J – stop that rudeness and see how you do!

At the end of the day….this is going to be just another Ta-Rump Roast!  Go Hillary – Make Bernie your VP and we will take you with your moles, warts and failings all.  At least we know what we will be getting.  The United States does not need “The Joker” – in charge!

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