Prayer to Bruno, and Weekend Open Thread.





Keep us safe, O Noble Dog, we beseech Thee
Apotheosis of State Power, we bow and tremble before Thee.
Take our Treasure, take our Youth,
Only let us not come to Harm.
The Bullets of the Malefactor only make Thee stronger.

My Lord is a German Shepherd, I shall not want;
Thou makest me to lie down in verdant Dog Parks.
Where can the Sinner hide from Thy stern Gaze and piercing Teeth?
Thou see’st behind Trash Bins, yea, even INSIDE Trash Bins.

Hunt down the brown unruly Hooligan
And supplant the Homeless Vermin into the Void
Where there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
In the name of the Gang Unit,
And of the Dirtbox,
and of the Ghetto Bird,

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Identity suspected but unsure, Anaheim Insider is SOME slavish devotee of Curt Pringle and the Disney/Chamber kleptocracy in the OC's biggest city, and can always be counted on to spout their official line. [OK, he's a satirical character based on the anonymous "Anaheim Insider" who posts on Matt Cunningham's "", and is known for his tagline "Anaheim Insider here" and referring to Mr. Pringle as "The Great Man."] Oh, and of late, the editors have been using "Anaheim Insider" for non-satirical Anaheim-related pieces which are either collaborative or simple announcements.