I Hate Carpetbaggers




My name is Tony Bushala, and I hate carpetbaggers…the political lowlifes who move into a district just to run for office. These are parasites who are addicted to holding elective office; the farthest thing from their minds is honest public service.

Whenever I can I try to oppose the scampaigns and political adventures of these wrongdoers when they pull their stunt in a district that I live in. This year I’ve got my sights set on a gentleman by the name of Sukhee Kang, who until last summer, was a long-time resident of Irvine. You may have heard of him. He was Mayor of Irvine, the incompetent puppet of Larry Agran, and the two of them, along with co-conspirator Beth Krom, squandered hundreds of millions on the so-called Great Park. They handed out millions and millions of dollars in no-bid, fixed contracts to their political pals. Kang ran for Congress down south in 2012 and got his ass kicked.


The Invisible Man

Obviously Kang knew his political career in Irvine was over.

Jump ahead now to April, 2015, and we find that Sukhee has set his eyes on the 29th District State Senate seat, soon to be open, that includes Fullerton, where I live and work.

Here is one of Kang’s few remaining imbecile Irvine “supporters” sharing the announcement that was sent out the week before. Notice the date: April, 27 2015. He says Kang has already “moved into a smaller house” in Fullerton, just down the street from Pam “Kellar.” Of course the announcement includes all the big name endorsements Sukhee’s already racked up.

But wait a minute…here’s the Grant Deed for the house Kang eventually bought. It was recorded on July 15, 2015 – three months after Sukhee Kang made his plans public, and probably a year since he started pleading for all those endorsements from Democrat Party hacks – and most importantly the nod from the biggest decision-makers of all.

Grant Deed

And here’s the Deed of Trust revealing that the humble “smaller house” – located in an exclusive gated estate up on the hill – is now worth nearly a million bucks. Yes, Sukhee lives in a gated enclave on a golf course. Wouldn’t want to mix it up with your lowly, would-be constituents, now would you, Suke.

Deed of Trust

And finally, here’s Sukhee’s new voter registration info showing the new address as of July 24, 2015, and confirming the timeline described above.

image1What all this means is that Sukhee Kang, the man with the disastrous record in Irvine, didn’t even move to Fullerton until after he got the stamp of approval from his new handlers in Sacramento, and even after he made his announcement. Obviously, had he not been anointed by this select group of bagmen, Kang would still be in Irvine looking for some other place and office that he could exploit to promote himself. How’s that for a commitment to the people he wants to represent in the Legislature?

The high-rollers, political fixers and lobbyists don’t give a damn about carpetbaggery. Neither does the long list of Democrat elected officials from who-knows-where that have endorsed this greasy slide. They see nothing wrong with the manipulation of the electorate by dumping a future safe vote on an unsuspecting public.

Well, I do. My job is to help educate concerned voters about Mr. Sukhee Kang. The message will be short and direct.

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