San Diego Dumping Treated Desal Water




Output from Poseidon’s billion dollar Carlsbad plant is being dumped because it’s not needed.

poseidon greed

The Voice of San Diego says it best:

San Diego’s Oversupply of Water Reaches Absurd Level

From the article:

The San Diego County Water Authority has dumped a half billion gallons of costly drinking water into a lake near Chula Vista.

Now that drinking water has been poured into a lake, the water must be treated a second time before humans can consume it. And here’s another kick in the gut. The drinking water that’s now been dumped into the lake includes desalinated water, some of the most expensive treated water in the world. Water officials will now have to spend even more money to make the once-drinkable desalinated water drinkable once again.

Of course, OCWD assures us the we need to give Poseidon a billion dollars to put such a plant in Huntington Beach.

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