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Ted Cruz says that his mom was a citizen, who was married to a Cuban and he was born in Calgary, Canada.  Ted Cruz says he is a Natural born citizen of the United States.  This is the same Ted Cruz who believed that Barack Obama was born in Kenya!  Based on that logic, even if the President was born in Kenya…..if his mom was a citizen of the United States, even though his dad was Kenyan – Barack Obama would then be a Natural born citizen of the United States – according to those standards.

Let’s step back and talk about what a Natural Born Citizen of the United States might be.  Was Sam Houston a Natural Born Citizen of the United States?  Sam was born at Timber Ridge Plantation, Rockbridge County, Virginia on March 2nd, 1793.  “Old Dominan” as Virginia is called was granted Statehood into the United States of America on June 25th, 1788.  According to this Virginia had been a State for over five years and therefore Sam Houston was indeed a Natural Born Citizen of the United States.  That we can call “Settled Law”.

During World War II, anyone born on American soil…..was considered a Natural Born Citizen of the United States.  Many foreign women even came to US Consultants and US Embassies, as well as jumping off ships off the coast of the United States to have their babies on the sacred soil of these United States.  John McCain, whose father was an US Navy Admiral was born in a Panama Canal Zone Naval Hospital and is still considered a Natural Born Citizen of the United States.

The Trump Birthers have used this logic to inpune the character of President Barack Obama….saying his Kenyan grandmother delivered him in Siyha, Kenya which was not American Soil or even had an Embassy there.  The State of Hawaii was admitted as State on August 21st, 1959.  In spite of the fact that Barack Obama was born on August 4th, 1961, two years later – Hawaii had been a possession or protectorate of the United States since officially 1897, when Grover Cleveland came to office and passed the Newsland Resolution, making Hawaii, a US Territory.  So, the question goes – if you were born in Hawaii prior to August 21st, 1959…….are you considered a Natural Born Citizen of the United States?  Question:  Could people born in Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Somoa, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana’s today….be considered US Natural Born Citizens?  Probably not, unless they were born on or in a US Military Installation or Federal Enclave…such as the grounds or hospital facilities of an American Embassy or Consulate. How about the backseat of US Army Jeep?

Now it starts to get complicated.  In 1901 and 1905 the Supreme Court passed acceptance of the so-called Insular Treaties, which said that any US Territory accorded every citizen the same laws as those of the United States, including citizenship and all other Federal laws.  However, they took a look back to 1856 to make many reservations accorded to so-called “Territorial incorporations” for places like Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines.  Basically, all US Possessions do not have the same rights or privileges.  In the case of the Philippines for example: Taken from Spain, at the end of the Spanish-American War.  The Philippines became an “Insular Republic”, but the US Administration didn’t like the First Philippine Republic and we went to war again…..basically, tearing the whole country into several different areas.  It took World War II, the Japanese Occupation and MacArthur Returning, the end of the war with Japan, the establishment of the UN in 1945 and finally, the US granting The Philippines Independence on July 4th, 1946 before things started to be sorted out.  Filipinos who served in the Armed Forces of the United States are still trying to get their earned medals for there service during WWII.  Question:  If someone was born in the Philippines after 1901 and before 1946….could they be considered Natural Born US citiizens?  Probably not!  But this is certainly a complex issue for the courts which remains “unsettled law”.

So, what about Ted Cruz?  Sorry Ted, you don’t even have a birth certificate that says you were born in East LA.  Now, what were you saying about Marco Rubio again?

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