San Diego Has Too Much Water – But is Paying a Billion Dollars for THEIR Poseidon Plant!




San Diego has more water than it can use  or even store, reports the LA Times.  So what are they going to do with the Billion Dollar Poseidon Desalination Boondoggle that comes online the month? Why, raise water rates 16%, of course!

bad poseidon

San Diego has so much water relative to demand that it had to ask the state permission to expand storage at San Vicente reservoir and forego delivery of 9.8 billion gallons that San Diego is legally entitled to purchase.   But San Diego’s ratepayers won’t be benefiting.  Instead,

Next year, the desalinated ocean water will cost San Diego water agencies at least $113.6 million — more than double the $45.2 million they would pay for the same amount of imported water, which remains available despite a statewide drought.

Of course, Poseidon has a “take or pay” contract — they get their money regardless.  The risk is all on the tax payers.

[Editor’s Note: Of course none of this could happen in Orange County unless Poseidon received a “take or pay” contract for its proposed Huntington Beach plant — which is what it has been seeking and what several cities and water agencies seem prepared to accept.  16% rate increase in one year, hey?  Stay solvent, San Deigo!]


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