Some Cool Events for a Hot Weekend (API Fest and Hedges’s Call for ‘Revolt’)




API Event flyer

Today is hot.  Tomorrow is supposed to edge into triple digits.  You are sick of summer and want someplace to go.  Here are some suggestions.

(1) Head Towards the Beach for the 8th Annual API Festival!

From 10-5 today (Saturday) and tomorrow — meaning that we’re a little late with this one (s0rry!) — the Asian and Pacific Islander festival will take place in the Huntington Beach Library Megacomplex Area, near where Vern performs.

Email says:

Attached is a flier (reproduced above) and info on our annual Pacific Islander Festival in Orange County.  This year we will have Congressman Matthew Harper from the 74th District which covers Huntington Beach, last year Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez in attendance and joined in on the “ava ceremony”. 

Should be relatively cool — literally and figuratively!

(2) Chris Hedges comes to the Delhi Center on Sunday!

Noted activist and author Chris Hedges — who, OJB has learned in an exclusive, is not the same person as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes — will come to the Delhi Center in Santa Ana tomorrow (Sunday) for an event entitled “Calling All Rebels: the Moral Imperative to Revolt.”  This may be more metaphorically cool than literally.  Or maybe not even that — Bernie Sanders supporters may want to go to facepalm and SMDH over Hedges’s dismissiveness — but it’s an event that certainly believes itself to be cool!  (And I presume, though I do not know, that some or all of the proceeds will help support the OC Green Party, so don’t let my pro-Sanders snarkiness below keep you from attending!  It’s just … GAHHH!!!)

To get all of the background you need — plus all the GSR attitude that you can take — check out Gabriel’s story in the Weekly.  An excerpt:

GSR: Bernie Sanders offers middle class reforms that are attracting arena-sized crowds across the nation. But haven’t we learned anything from LBJ, the Vietnam War and The Great Society’s failure? Haven’t we learned that these reforms can’t happen while maintaining empire?

That’s exactly the column I wrote, “The Enemy Within.” You have a military establishment that is bleeding the country dry. Officially, we spend almost 54% of the budget on military expenditures. There’s all sorts of other expenditures that are masked and millions upon millions that are classified within the budget that we’re never allowed to see. The best estimates are that we’re draining 1.6 trillion dollars a year. We’re doing what empires traditionally do where you allow a military apparatus and an imperial power that expands beyond its ability to sustain itself, as we’ve seen in the Middle East, to hollow the country out from the inside. You drive through city after city and they’re just boarded up wastelands. Our infrastructure is collapsing and austerity is being visited on the American citizen to pay for it.

This is the problem with Sanders. You can’t talk about genuine economic, political, social reform if you do not confront the monster of American militarism. After World War I, factories and manufacturing reverted to producing to domestic products. After World War II, you had a huge military bureaucracy who allied themselves with corporatists who decided that even though the war was over they were going to continue to produce weapons systems. Part of that alliance saw them roll back, starting with the 1948 Taft-Hartley Act which makes it very difficult to unionize, the reforms of the New Deal. It’s not just that this has had a catastrophic effect upon the economy, but this alliance has had a catastrophic effect on the political life of the country where all sorts of movements and dissidents were crushed in the name of anti-communism and now are crushed in the supposed War on Terror.

Who can dispute that it will be much easier to stage a revolution and “end history” in a more positive way under President Carly Fiorina and VP Ben Carson than it would be over a Taft-Hartley opponent who wants to cut military spending like Sanders?

The event is listed as going on from 4-11 — I’m sure that there is a backstory as to why it’s 7 hours long — and the cost for Rebels is either $20, $25, or $50.  Students either could, can, or will be able to get in for $10.  You need an ID.  You can purchase an “Orange Juice Blog Academy of Learning” ID for only $8*, meaning that if you can use it to talk your way in you can save big bucks!

*Offer not good in California, or in other states and nations if and when requests from them come in.

Attendees should come prepared to discuss their specific plans to revolt.  (Be sure to speak directly into the microphone!  Possible additional topic to address: “why are you living in OC eating and supping on that designer dinner, then?”)  Note that supporting and voting for Bernie Sanders does not count as “revolt” because electing a President with a coherent critique of the war economy is bourgeois!

Delhi Center, 4-11 Sunday — be there or be square, daddy-and-mommy-os!

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