Andy Gumps, Tents, Homeless and Depends!




Many of you did not know about this.

Many of you may not know what an “Andy Gump” is.  This graphic will not help you much.  It’s a (stylish) portable toilet.

Finally, the City of Los Angeles has determined in its wisdom that “there is a homeless problem”.  As the numbers rise and now they are talking about over 30,000 folks sleeping on the streets, in parks, in doorways, in parking lots, under bridges, along freeway on ramps, in foilage along major streets…..someone has finally gotten the message:  “Houston, we have a problem!”  As a result, Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council of Los Angeles, along with the County of Los Angeles are dedicating $100 Million dollars to the problem of Homelessness in LA.

As any bureaucrat or elected politician will tell you – “That adds up to a whole bunch of free lunches…for us!”  If you take the basic $100 Million and divide it by the 30,000 homeless folks….that comes out to about $3400 per person, give or take $50 bucks.  So, what should each homeless expect to get out of that $3400 bucks?  How about a nice Andy Gump, to take a dump?  How about State provided tent in an open field, which is big enough to keep your goods and sleeps 10 folks?  How about some hot food, once a day to make sure you have food?  How about placing all the Single Mom’s and Dad’s with children in a safe and building or warehouse with security?  How about funding the cops to make sure they collect all the criminal elements hidden within the homeless community?  How about making every single Bureaucrat or elected that is working on this problem watch:  “They Live!” with Roddy Piper!

What seems ludicrous is to discuss or even mention “Affordable Housing in Orange County”.  Where might that be?  It certainly isn’t in Modjeska Canyon or on Saddleback Mountain or in Villa Park or Yorba Linda or even Anaheim and Fullerton.  Much less Irvine, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills or Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley or Huntington Beach!  So, what about AirB&B?  Maybe, they can create a placement service for non drug dependent Homeless persons with some Income from Social Security, Disability or even Retirement Funds?  As our Board of Supervisors in Orange County “is Fiddling, while Santa Ana suffers,” at least our cousins in Los Angeles has dedicated some funds to the process.  How much have you dedicated to fixing our 15,000 homeless – a measley $3 million bucks for building in Anaheim?  Pretty cheap folks…pretty cheap!  Ya think the OC Private Sector is going to come up with the other $47 Million to match what Los Angeles is giving their folks?  Someone better call Sacramento and ask Downtown Jerry Brown what to do!  Someone better get on the horn and call every Federal Agency they can think of  and ask for Grant Funds for Public Safety and use those funds for the Homeless problem which would include mobile sources for medical and dental as well as park locations for showers and toilets.

At the present rate that the OC Board of Supervisors are moving…..we will have 100,000 homeless before our first homeless person gets a hot meal at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  No Easter Bunny Egg hunt …..either!  In fact, we could be waiting to be awarded “The Dumb Bunny Award” for the homeless issue in California.  Newport Beach has plenty of cement bunnies….so maybe one of our dutiful City Council members will personally pay to have one of them moved to in front of the Board of Supervisors Building – 5th Floor in Santa Ana!  Additionally, if they can’t afford the right number of Andy Gumps – maybe they can get a government grant for some free Depends and Needles for our needy homeless population.

Andy Gumps, Tents, Homeless and Depends!  Has a nice ring to it….doesn’t it?

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