Why should YOU have to pay for Police’s self-serving PR?




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“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

—George Orwell

It is no accident that our modern author most revered for his insights into authoritarianism also supplies the best ever quote about newspapers. George Orwell was himself a journalist prior to writing Nineteen Eighty-Four, his chilling and depressingly relevant masterpiece about a totalitarian state where the government exercises complete control over printed information. Prior to adopting his now famous pseudonym, the author, whose real name was Eric Blair, was also a police officer in what was then the British colony of Burma, a position that gave him direct experience with armed authority over a subjugated population.

behind the badge fpd

The title of OC Register columnist David Whiting’s latest story about police public relations firm Behind the Badge should recall Mr. Orwell’s definition of journalism.  His June June 20 column,  Revealing what’s ‘Behind the Badge’: Paid for by police and taxpayers, but how much does that matter?” is undoubtably a reaction to a story from the Voice of OC website by Thy Vo, published on June 1, entitled Website Blurs Line Between Journalism and PR.

The Rag, of course, brought this issue to light way back on December 12, 2013…

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