The City of Newport Beach warns of impending Gay-Marriage-caused Apocalypse.




You might have been excused (if you lived in Newport Beach and were on Councilman Scott Peotter’s e-mail list) for thinking yesterday’s blast came from some wild homophobic fundamentalist preacher, a Lou Sheldon or Wylie Drake, with its bitter humor over the Supreme Court’s recent marriage equality ruling:

peotter gay apocalypse 1

And then, on second glance, you might have been excused for thinking this communique, darkly warning of a repeat of Noah’s flood due to God’s wrath at our nation’s Sodomite immorality, was the official position of the City of Newport Beach – see that City Seal above!

peotter gay apocalypse 2

And apparently this development – of marriage equality now being the law of the land – is such a gut-punch to the city of Newport Beach that a lot of what used to be “important stuff” for the council to look after now seems frivolous, to be put on the back burner, while we all bow our heads in shame and penitent prayer…

peotter gay apocalypse 3

I do know that Newport Beach has been years ahead of my own Huntington, in preparing for rising sea levels – I had thought of that as a sign of their being more competent and realistic and forward thinking than my own (pre-Shaw and Boardman) city, but maybe they just intuited that the Gay Deluge would be a-coming…

Well, the shit has hit the fan by now, and Scott Peotter – the Dave Ellis-connected klepto-slash-extremist – is already covered in it.  I see that the distinguished Friend Of Dorothy “the irrepressible Barbara Venezia” has beat me to the story … but most of y’all probably don’t get The Daily Pilot, so this might be the first you hear of it.  It will not be the last.

Special props to Newport Councilman (and failed assembly candidate) Keith Curry, whom I met at a Solorio-Nguyen “debate,” for the strongest quote in Babs’ story:

“This is why we have a law against allowing extremist council members from using the city seal for their own intemperate rants,” Councilman Keith Curry explained. “Mr. Peotter should spend more time focused on trying to make this a better city for all of our residents and less on his national political agenda.

Other folks to whom this will not be news are the OC’s gay activists, such as our friend Jeff LeTourneau, who informs us that he is on his way to Newport City Hall right now (the freaks have Wednesday meetings.)  No, this will not be the last you hear of Scott Peotter’s retrograde, pin-hearted, and utterly inappropriate e-mail blast.


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