Homeless advocate Roussan Joshua Collins calls for Disney Boycott.




Roussan Joshua Collins, who spends all his time (along with our friend Lou Noble) advocating for Anaheim’s homeless, wrote this and asked us to print it:

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Despite a Federal Court Ruling forbidding police from seizing property of the homeless that is momentarily left unattended (see this LA Times article) it seems to me that Disney and various police in Anaheim care much more about Mickey Mouse’s comfort (I heard the CEO makes over 56 million a year), than the rights of those living on the streets.

The corruption in Anaheim PD runs deep, so much so that even a 59 year old homeless woman is not safe in an open public park from threat of property confiscation by the likes of corrupt men such as Anaheim Police officer Edgar Hampton.

This poor 59 year old homeless woman begged to have her property,(including blankets and MEDICATION) given back to her from this officer, but Officer Edgar Hampton refused to do so, stating this poor woman must call him first to get her property back (even though she asked him to his face before he left the scene). She had temporarily left her property at Maxwell Park near some friends, and came back before this officer left the park.

Various people at the park told Officer Edgar M. Hampton (badge #577 – phone # 714-765-1900) that this property was hers, and even though he knew this woman, he took her property anyway.  I then let this poor violated woman use my phone to call this heartless officer as you will see in this video, and Officer Edgar Hampton was nowhere to be found. Her property, blankets and medication were not returned to her.

Of course there are many other officers involved in taking from the poorest in our community, including Officers Beck, Sergeant Louzeau, Officer Bob Conklin, Jacque Laffoon, Srgt. Adrian, and Officer Piscopo.  These police officers routinely seize (and, according to some of the La Palma Park homeless) destroy homeless people’s property as the homeless struggle to survive on the streets and alleyways of our not so kind city of Anaheim.

The homeless are often run out of various alleys and sidewalk locations as they seek to find rest…

…and though those sleeping in vehicles now have the right to rest with the passing of AB718, it seems this right still has not reached to those most in need…

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[Vern here.]  Then Roussan proceeds to call for a boycott of Disney in protest of this treatment of Anaheim’s homeless.  I feel this is worth discussion:  Not only about the practicality of boycotting such a world-popular attraction (which admittedly SHOULD have lost a lot of goodwill at least LOCALLY with their recent hijacking of the political process to prevent a gate tax for decades to come) but:

  • Can we make a credible connection between Disney and this apparently illegal and unconstitutional treatment of Anaheim’s homeless?  Maybe we can.
  • In what way would a boycott of Disney HELP the homeless attain their natural rights?
  • Is there a reasonable DEMAND we could make of Disney, that would help Anaheim’s homeless?

Roussan’s outrage is righteous and justified, and we hope to get continued reports from him on the Anaheim & OC homelessness front.  Let’s discuss here at the Orange Juice whether a Disney boycott is something we could do about it.

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