Guns and Drugs Don’t Mix!





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*”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  Our 2nd Amendment is short and sweet and to the point.  It was adopted in a day when the strongest corn grain alcohol, rum, beer and maybe some out of the way Opium dens…..were the worst that citizens could do to themselves, to alter their behavior.  Being that society was largely based upon strong religious values and orders – drunks were considered a net negative to the society.

Today, the society has greatly changed.  In the 1970’s and 80’s Mass Murderers roamed our country or inhabited the house next door.  The criminal elements continued their various gang activities and criminal activities against the general public.  Then came the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have lasted over 20 years.  As the United States stands on the verge of adopting a reverse of the Prohibition against marijuana, the time has perhaps come to review our firearm laws and “the regulation” that may need some minor corrections.

Let’s start with our Presidential Candidates; in particular Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who today suggested that they solidly supported the 2nd Amendment.  It is our strong belief that any Presidential Candidate that supports the 2nd Amendment, be willing to be drug tested to be sure they are indeed qualified to buy, own or possess a legal firearm.  This process would indeed set the bar higher for all elected politicians, bureaucrats and citizens that want to own, buy or possess a legal firearm.  Should any of these pillars of society fail their drug test, by taking Reds, Whites, Greens, Cocaine, Heroin or Marijuana…..the results would be forwarded to three locations:  The BATF in Washington, D.C., The State Attorney General and their local Police Department. At inpatient drug rehab Fort Myers, those who suffer from PTSD, Manic Depression, Anxiety Attacks, Domestic Abuses Charges, Dementia, Under Psychiatric Care, Hospice Care or in home Mental Incapacity – they too would be denied the right to purchase, obtain or possess any firearm until those maladies have been cured or corrected for a period of  at least 24 months.

The process to obtain a new firearm for anyone, would require a drug test at the time of purchase, with results being available before you are able to pick up your new firearm.  If you fail the drug test – you will be denied purchase of your firearm and depending on local regulations be required to surrender any firearms in your possession.  In order to purchase ammo or reloading equipment commercially, you will need to be drug tested every two years.  Those who presently hold Concealed Carry Weapons permits will be required to be drug tested whenever renewing their licence, not to exceed every two years.  For Elected Officials, Government Bureaucrats of Community Board Members of School Boards, Water or Sanitation Districts also shall be required to be drug tested every two years.  In the event they fail their drug test….they will be removed from office until they can pass the drug test three times in a six month period.   We have some great American heroes who have served our country that are suffering from PTSD.  As wonderful as they are; they should not be able to possess firearms while they are being treated.

The killings of innocents in our society has become epidemic.  These are not the mass murderers that we had in the 1970’s and 80’s.  We don’t have a modern day Charles Manson, we don’t even have a Bercowitz, Bonnan or Jeffery Daumer.  The killers today, are indiscriminate.  They walk into a public place and just shoot – because they are depressed, upset and simply gone mad.  The one single thread that possesses all of these folks is DRUGS, prescription, legal or illegal.  It could be Rock Cocaine or pure Heroin – it really doesn’t matter.  We have to understand that the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution was written for sober, caring, patriots that had no desire to get high, but to protect their families from Indians or foreign invaders.  The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is the most important, perhaps even more important than Freedom of Speech, for without the 2nd, there might not be a 1st Amendment that meant anything.  The rules have to start at the top however and our electeds need to set the bar high – by being willing to take the drug test before serving in office.

Guns and Drugs – Don’t Mix!  Gun Rights is our most important law – but Gun responsibility goes hand in hand with that right.

Mr. Trump, Mr. Perry – take your drug test and set the bar high for everyone!

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