Chasing Shadows… on the wall




“Maybe you can see further than I can see
And maybe things all just look differently
And maybe I’m nothing but a shadow on the wall…”

Amazingly, the United States, the European Union, Russia, China and Iran……all agreed on something last night.  Congratulations to  President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the whole team that was able to fight through the endless details and objections and come up with an agreement that covers Nuclear Oversight for the next fifteen years.  The Iranian Nuclear threat……unlike the North Korean Nuclear Threat…..and the Pakistani Nuclear Threat……and the Indian Nuclear Threat……and the Chinese Nuclear Threat…..and the Russian Nuclear Threat………… has momentarily halted beginning the development of an Atomic Bomb or device by mutual agreement of the country of Iran and the six other parties engaged in the process.  Unlike those already in the Nuclear Club…..Iran has now signed off on not developing a Nuclear weapon capacity for 15 more years.  In return, Iran can open their borders to Global Trade, sell their oil on the open market and retrieve $160 Billion dollars in withheld funds via current sanctions.

Tom Cotton (who is he?) from Arkansas, Lindsay Graham from South Carolina, Carly Fiorina from CA, Mike Pompeo from Kansas and Bibi Netanyahu from Israel say this is the most dangerous, deadly, nightmare of the 21st Century.   They compare this agreement to Nevell Chamberlain (calling Adolph Hiter a very nice guy!) or basically the Rape of Nanking.  The Israeli backed Republican hierarchy has judged this to be “the End Times” and want to blame President Obama directly.  Since Iran is a Shia nation, the Saudi’s who are Sunni are also outraged – because more oil on the market will lower the Global price.  So now, with this agreement, the ISIS Sunni groups being economically supported by their Sunni/Saudi brothers and sisters through the sale of oil……will now lose money selling their ill gotten gains.

Meanwhile, our Kurdish brothers and sisters are kickin it in Kurdish areas of Turkey, no-mans land Syria and their home port in Iraq.  The Kurds are looking to create one nation called “The New Kurdistan” which encompasses areas in all three countries.  The United States will have to support the Kurds in the creation of their new nation.  Which may include a “Mutual Defense Pack”.  Meanwhile, Iran is already fighting ISIS in Syria, Yemen and other areas, which the Israeli’s and their friends in the US Congress have a tough time explaining to anyone.  Iran is helping Assad fight ISIS… how bad can it be?

What needs to be said is:  There is a new sheriff in town and our US Troops are only part of the mix… as consultants.  Baghdad don’t forget is Shia and has an affinity with Iran.  If Iraq is to survive it will require taking back Falluja, Ramadi, Mosul and Tikrit.  If the Iraqis lose those oil rich areas….they may well become the Rhode Island of the Middle East.  There is a tremendous reshuffling in the Middle East and Israel senses that they too may be relegated to being just a Delaware of the Middle East….if they are not careful.  Iran is the key player on this chess board.  They have secure borders, a well managed financial system and growing economy, a modern looking society, a technological country equal to others in the European Union and Eastern Block nations.  Iran can make things!  Iran can buy things!  This agreement was a master stroke by the United States and our Global partners.  Everyone is going to prosper:  China and Russia will be able to buy and sell things in Iran.  The European Union and the United States will be able to sell and buy things in Iran.  American farmers will be able to sell their GMO/GE farm and diary products, Big Agra/Chemical will be able to sell their pesticides and seeds.  Heck, maybe even McDonalds and Arby’s beef will show up in Teheran.

The Republicans always call for “Open Free Trade Markets”.  Well, here you go!  The facts are that their will be Three very distinct major players in the Middle East.  The Iranians will lead Shia parts of Iraq and Syria.  The Kurds will unite under a “New Kurdistan” and the ISIS folks will have to make quick friends with the Saudi’s, Oman and Abu Dabi – where they are getting their money from now.  They can call their multi-level country Sunniland!  The reality is that Israel has become marginalized in the Middle East.  As long as Israel was willing to do US Bidding and bullying in the Middle East over the past 65 years…all was well.  Today, Israel has become an embarrassment because of their refusal to accept the Two State Solution and their constant Settlement Building in Occupied Palestine.  US support for Israel will not stop because of the changes in the Middle East.  However, before Israel and their Republican lobby in the US Congress blame President Obama, they should look back a little farther to the US invasion of Iraq on false pretenses.  We broke it and now we own it.  US leadership in the Middle East now is written in stone!  Bibi Netanyahu is upset because he is no longer “the only game in town.”  One thing is certain:  Having Iran, Syria and part of Iraq on our side – along with the Kurds in the north……creates a stability in the Middle East that hasn’t been seen since the Ottoman Empire.

As the 2016 election proceeds with incredible nonsense and misrepresentations of the facts…..on almost everything – we now have a light in the tunnel.  We haven’t seen so many “nutcases” run for President in our lifetimes.  Heck, Bo Greitz seems like a very viable choice in this field of misguided wonders…..all Chasing their own Shadows……on the wall.  Whatever happened to Bo Greitz?  He wanted to bring our  MIA’s and Vietnam POW’s home!  We voted for Bo…..we think twice?  He ran as an American Independent and Green Beret?  Meanwhile, you can get Premium gas in North Carolina for $2.49 a gallon.  What about that Governor Brown?

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