Anaheim, OC Sheriff talk to state-sponsored cyberterrorists

Why were the OC Sheriff’s Department,  Anaheim PD, and Long Beach PD talking to Hacking Team, the offensive cyber-weaponeers?


Hacking Team is an Italian outfit that provides offensive cyberweapons  to such human rights respecting organizations as  the governments and security services of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE,  as well as a large contract with Sudan.

Hacking Team got hacked, and Hacking Team’s  sales contacts were released to the Internet. Among interested Police Departments were Anaheim, Long Beach, Los Angeles,  UC Santa Barbara (really), LA County Sheriff, and Orange county Sheriff.

Why were local law enforcement even talking to Hacking Team?  Do any of these public agencies have a contract with Hacking Team?  Couldn’t they find a less odious organization for their cybersecurity?

For those not familiar, an “offensive cyberweapon” is government-speak for software that intrudes into a computer system uninvited –  what is more commonly known as “malware.”  When you are on the receiving end of an “offensive cyberweapon” from an organization with a political agenda (a government, for example) you are victim of “cyber terrorism.”



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