Where the Water Went




California Water Board release shows who is thrifty with water — and who is hogging it.

california drought

The California Water Board has released its latest report show water usage and change in usage for all the water districts in California.

water usage

The key measure is Residential Gallons Per Capita Day (R-GPCD) . By this measure, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, and Irvine are camels, while Tustin, Yorba Linda, and Trabuco Canyon are water hogs.

The “change” isn’t change in total usage, but change in amount drawn from sources measured by the water board.  For example, Fountain Valley uses ground water, but is having to draw less less from the wells to guard against the ocean contaminating the aquifer with salt water.

To put these numbers in perspective, a 25% reduction in usage, which roughly corresponds to halving the amount of water we use for landscaping and not doing anything else, would exceed peak claimed production for the billion dollar Poseidon Adventure.

Which sounds like a better plan to you?


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