Great Park Lawsuits Pending

The City of Irvine has file a contempt lawsuit against Larry Agran and is preparing six lawsuits against Great Park contractors such as Gafcon.




As expected, Irvine is moving forward with suing the usual suspects. R. Scott Moxley at OC Weekly reports

The City of Irvine has filed a lawsuit asking a judge to issue a contempt order against former mayor Larry Agran for refusing to answer questions under oath about financial benefits he may have received from Orange County Great Park contractors

While those “financial benefits” seemed to have been a small personal print job, Mr Agran does need to answer some uncomfortable questions about the “contract 2 closeout” where it a looks like then-Great Park Chairman Agran circumvented California law to award a large payment to Gafcon (as described in points 7 through 12 )

Meanwhile, the incomparable Adam Elmahrek writes in the Voice of OC:

Aleshire & Wynder, the law firm hired to assist with the investigation, has found evidence so far to file six lawsuits.

The details of all the claims aren’t known, but the firm’s audit report indicates that lawsuits could be filed over an undisclosed conflict of interest between Gafcon, which co-headed the consultants team known as Great Park Design Studio, and Forde & Mollrich, the park’s former, $100,000 per-month public relations consultant.

Gafcon was performing renovation work on the home of Forde & Mollrich principal Stu Mollrich, a Design Studio subconsultant. Gafcon has denied that any conflict of interest existed because of the work.




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