Breaking: District Elections for Fullerton coming to 2016 Ballot!




Broken by the Fullerton Rag:

voteboxAccording to Attorney Kevin L. Shenkman, representing former city council candidate Vivian “Kitty” Jaramillo in her lawsuit against the City of Fullerton, a measure to establish district elections for the Fullerton City Council will be put before the Fullerton electorate in 2016. Although the City of Fullerton does not seem to have released any details about the settlement, Mr. Shenkman was happy to discuss the agreement during a presentation on the subject of district elections sponsored by the political action committee Neighbors United for Fullerton (NUFF) on Monday night.

The ballot measure will reportedly preserve a five member city council, each of whom will be elected exclusively within single districts in which they reside. Pre-established district boundaries will be part of the measure as it will appear on the ballot. If approved, elections by district are expected to begin in 2018, although it remains unclear which districts would be the first in play during that election…

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“Lines will be drawn…”

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