Weekend Open Thread: An Easter Miracle, and Happy Jazzy 100th Birthday on April 7, Lady Day




We should be featuring a shot of Billie Holiday, but even she would likely have gone with this one.

We really ought to be featuring a shot of the great Billie Holiday here, but even she would likely have gone with this one.

No main topic today, just a lot of little ones:

[1] It’s the 100th anniversary of Billie Holiday’s birthday on Tuesday (when this site will be busy with an Anaheim City Council meeting, so we’re calling your attention to it a few days early.)  Read this piece for plenty of inspiration to listen to Lady Day.)  If we have any young readers out there unfamiliar with Billie Holiday, get ye to a YouTube or whatever you use and prepare to be dazzled by her one-of-a-kind talent.  If we have older readers unfamiliar with Billie Holiday, please identify yourselves so that we can berate you for being a racist (which you may or may not be) and a cretin.

[2] Wrong as it may be to mention her within one paragraph of the great Ms. Holiday, this site does feel the need to act as a cog in a pop star’s PR machine by calling attention to the holiday miracle performed this past week by Nicki Manaj, who took a sobbing boy from the audience and cured him of his ills through the healing technique known as “the laying on of glands.”  Go view the whole video and come back when you stop giggling.

[3] We have a lot of campaign-oriented people among our readers, so I thought that y’all should read this piece very, very carefully.  Sure hope this is the start of a trend!

[4] Putting aside the 50% of California’s water dedicated to environmental protection uses, 80% of the other 50% is used for agriculture.  (I don’t know whether Nestle’s pulling our water to bottle and sell counts as that or not.  It is sort of harvesting, in a way.)  The other 20% of that 50% is earmarked for household use.  And that is why the Governor’s new executive order, by exempting agricultural use from any restrictions put on water use — and not putting a moratorium on the water-intensive procedure of hydraulic fracking — is a complete washout.  If he campaigned for President, would he be using the slogan “Putting Almonds First”?  (No, actually, it’s putting hedge funds first.)  Tell you what — you can use our sea water for that purpose.  Then you can grow salted almonds!

[5] Want to feel sad?  This will make you feel sad.  It makes shark’s fin soup look like pig’s knuckles (or something.)

[6] Feeling a little dearth of hatred for my illiterate cousin Jamie?  This will put the roar back into you.

[7] Ask Vern about this.  This is not my department, but you may find it diverting (and it may suck up your weekend.)  [VERN:  “Huh?”]

[8] Love Harry Reid, hate him, or fall into the tolerate-to-eyeroll middle, he changed the political polarity of a controversial major national policy issue five years ago — and not many politicians get to say that in their whole careers.

[9] Happy Passover!

[10] Happy Easter Sunday!  (You know that the Last Supper was a Passover Seder, right?)

That’s it — ten plagues is all you get this week.  This is your Weekend Open Thread: talk about these or anything else you’d like within reasonable bounds of decency and decorum.  And happy 2nd anniversary to the Register’s paywall!

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