The Beast from OJB’s Archives: CA Prop 8 Proponent Now Bashing Trans Youth in Nevada

[Ed. Note: This was before my time at this site — actually, it was during the time when I was already here but couldn’t bear to read this site — but it turns out that those archives of ours have continuing value.  Remember Karen England, one of the targets of our former and now likely sometime-contributing blogger Aaron Park (who used to be Sgt. York, but we’ve taken that away from him due to the recent Moorlach unpleasantness)?  Well, she’s baaaak — although not on our side of the Sierras — bashing genitals once again.  Here’s the story.  This, by the way, is the first article — in fact, it’s two of them! — that we’re publishing based on a content-sharing agreement with the Nevada-based Let’s Talk websites, the staff of which includes former OC blogger Andrew Davey, who are opening up a new website called Let’s Talk California.  So you will be seeing that material here from time to time. — GAD]

Karen England

One of these people is Karen England, but we’re not going to make any assumptions.


#NVLeg Special Report: The Curious Case of Karen England (& AB 375)

Andrew Davey, March 25, 2015

When the bill first dropped, I was suspicious. Where did it come from? Why is it here? And who’s really behind it?

Now, I finally have answers.

Remember when AB 375 first dropped? From the start, I smelled something fishy. Another “License to Discriminate” pile of crap? Who on earth would want to force a $34,000,000+ fiscal note just to degrade trans* students, endanger these students, and go against the very #StopBullying agenda now championed by Governor Brian Sandoval (R)?

Meet Karen England. She was caught using her Capitol Resource Institute as a political money laundering operation. She was caught directing “Culture War Conservatives” to donate to her fake Yes on Prop 8 campaign instead of the real campaign to ban marriage equality in 2008. She was caught running “pay to play” schemes with several California Republican politicians. She was caught doing so much dirty shit that she was run out of the very right-wing California Republican Assembly (CRA), the California Republican Party, and California in general.

Following Karen England’s failed campaign for CRA President in 2012, she registered to vote in a high-end condo in Reno. However, Karen England just couldn’t help but butt into the debate over AB 1266, California’s School Success & Opportunity Act. England engaged in reprehensible transphobia in a desperate attempt to stop the bill from reaching Governor Jerry Brown’s (D) desk. And when that didn’t work (Governor Brown signed AB 1266 in 2013), she launched a campaign to place it on the 2014 ballot. Not only did she play fast & loose with the facts, but she also played fast & loose with Capitol Resource Institute’s tax exempt status. And yet despite all that, her campaign still failed to collect enough signatures to qualify.

There’s a reason why even many conservative Republicans in California simply don’t trust Karen England. So why did Assembly Member Vicki Dooling (R-Henderson) reach out to Karen England to craft what’s now AB 375 in the Nevada Legislature? AB 375 is a bill to restrict transgender students’ restroom access and place them at risk of further bullying.

As I noted yesterday, AB 375 goes against Governor Sandoval’s #StopBullying agenda. It will cost the state at least $34 million just to DNA test all Nevada students to determine which restroom(s) they will use. And it risks losing Nevada millions worth of federal funds due to violation of Title IX federal anti-discrimination law. Why would anyone in the Building want to endanger so many Nevada students and blow another hole in the state budget? Why does Nevada have this “cookie cutter bill” that’s now making the rounds in other states after efforts to stop trans* equality failed in California & Maryland?

Yesterday, Karen England appeared in Assembly Member Dooling’s office to discuss AB 375 with a couple of transgender civil rights advocates. Unfortunately, that didn’t go well at all. If anyone was wondering why LCB Police started appearing on the third floor and loud voices were heard arguing, now you know. As soon as England was confronted by the hard truth, things turned very ugly very quickly.

Nonetheless, Assembly Member Dooling and Senator Scott Hammond (R-Las Vegas) seem to have fallen under the spell of Karen England. Did they do any homework to figure out why Karen England was driven out of California? Oh, wait. Karen England still lists a Sacramento, California, address on her Nevada Legislature lobbyist disclosure statement. So what exactly is Karen England doing? And what were Vicki Dooling & Scott Hammond thinking when they let her in to write this bill for them?

[Ed: and that led to this:]

#NVLeg Special Report: “Dear Nevada, Welcome to California’s Nightmare”, Lobbyist Karen England

Aaron Park, April 9, 2015

Editor’s Note – This article was submitted as a supplement to Andrew Davey’s article on lobbyist KarenKAren_England_400x400 England and AB 375 that targets transgender students.  It can be read HERE.

Guest Author – Aaron F. Park

Dear Let’s Talk Nevada Readers – I am an unapologetic Social Conservative. I am State Vice President of the California Republican Assembly, the premier Social Conservative group in California. While I agree with many of the issues that Ms. England advocates for (including protecting business owners from getting tossed in jail over wedding cakes), I am reaching out to you because of a 12+ year nightmare that has been my experience dealing with Karen England. If you are a conservative reader of Let’s Talk Nevada, get scared and get this woman as far away from you as you can.

Fraud is Fraud. No true conservative does the things Karen England does. I am of the opinion that Karen England is a charlatan and I will relate a body of evidence I have assembled from dealing with her up close. I have the battle damage to prove it, including a legal threat letter from her lawyer. (I note that her lawyer certifies in the letter that “Ms. England is NOT Mentally Ill”.)

Over the years, I have witnessed a disturbing pattern from Karen England. My experience shows that she is not the volunteer activist she says she is while pointing a self-righteous finger at others. She is a vindictive, calculating woman who attempts to take over every organization she is a part of.

She attempted to take over the Placer County GOP Central Committee – even endorsing several pro-choice and pro gay marriage Republicans in the process!

She attempted to take over the California Republican Assembly, the organization that I currently serve as a Vice President of. The April 2011 CRA convention is one that will live in infamy and resulted in Karen England’s expulsion from CRA for 10 years for committing fraud on a massive scale. Showing her affinity for lawyers – England sued the CRA twice, once before and once after the April, 2011 CRA convention.  This “stalwart conservative” attempted to use a string of fraudulent “Units” of CRA to send delegates to our convention to vote for her and her team, then sued CRA when the leadership tried to stop it before the convention, actually getting a temporary restraining order and sued CRA again when she lost! (for those of you on the left – imagine the concept of a “Paper Local” in a Labor Union Election, this is what Ms. England attempted to use in CRA).

As she was being marginalized from the California GOP and the CRA, Karen embedded herself in local tea parties in the 2009-2010 time period which coincided with her all out attack on her political adversaries. The naive Tea Partiers drank up her hyperbole of corruption and money laundering without question. Ms. England publicly claimed in front of dozens of witnesses that the FBI went to her house in October of 2010 to talk about the finances of the Placer GOP Central Committee. This attack was used as a rallying cry for the Tea Partiers to align themselves with moderates to oust the Conservative leadership of the Placer GOP in the 2012 election.

To this day, many of Karen England’s Tea Party recruits believe that felonies were committed and four years later, the FBI has shown up at no one’s house other than that of Ms. England’s.

As the Executive Director of the Capitol Resource Institute – England has participated in several dubious actions that suggest that she is either incompetent or completely corrupt. There are a string of failed referendai, a write-in campaign for Lt. Governor and the CRI appears to have run a fake website to filch money out of the prop 8 Campaign.

We investigated and found out that the Stop SB48 campaign never filed a campaign finance report (and appeared more like a fundraiser than a real effort), so none of the donors will ever know what happened to their money. The Stop SB777 campaign did not raise enough to electronically file, nor did her Write in Campaign for Lt. Governor in 2010. Based on what happened with their severely botched AB1266 referendum campaign where insiders said that they were not serious about the effort until it started to get a life of its’ own… anyone that donates to anything that Karen England is leading is a fool.

The Coup D’Etat is the fake Prop 8 Website that the Capitol Resource Institute Ran. If you read the link, you will find that their shadow campaign raised some $120k, a large portion of which ended up in the coffers of the Capitol Resource Institute.

There is also a link to 36 pages of emails proving the campaign existed, even though the website is long gone. There is also an analysis of the campaign finance and where the money went.

England has supported several candidates for office over the years. It was not until we started to look beneath the surface that we found a disturbing pattern. The ones she most aggressively supported were also donors. Then Candidate, Now Congressman Tom McClintock $6,000Read this link and in it you will see:

Then Assemblyman, now Congressman Doug LaMalfa  $27,500.

Then Assemblyman, Now State Senator Ted Gaines $7,000.

There are others: State Senator Jim Nielsen, $1000, then candidate, now Assemblymember Beth Gaines, $1000

Board of Equalization Member George Runner $6,000.

Those listed above must have believed that they were supporting a good conservative group, without realizing what Karen England was doing.

Karen England never once willingly disclosed the financial nexus – but she did slander and smear people on behalf of the above mentioned.

Once she started getting exposed, like any bully, she attempted to destroy her political adversaries. Ultimately, she ran to Nevada and left California. Now she is your nightmare.

Over the years and as one of the few people on the right with the courage to stand up to Ms. England, I have faced the full force of her wrath. It is my belief that she used her media savvy to get a front page story ran in the Sacramento Bee quoting now Congressman LaMalfa accusing my Brother of Felony Embezzlement. You’ve seen the legal threats, the lawsuits and the like. (The link is to a Modesto bee story that also ran in the Sacramento Bee).

Those of us that still care about the California GOP will be ten years cleaning up the trail of destruction she has left behind. If you are a liberal Democrat, don’t pat yourself on the back. Nevada is a different state. It will see-saw between parties. Unless a dedicated group of good people from both sides of the aisle put down the issues and focus on the demonstrated pattern of personal and professional corruption – like a leech and a cancer, Ms. England will metastasize and you will all be in the cross-hairs yourselves.

The mere fact that this blog has stood up likely already its’ owners on the radar screen.

(Update on AB 375 by Andrew Davey: Late yesterday, Assembly Education voted to move this bill to Assembly Judiciary upon request by Assembly Judiciary Chair Ira Hansen [R-Sparks]. He apparently decided to take up this bill because of his objection to Clark & Washoe School Districts making any effort to fully integrate trans* students. He probably didn’t realize what Aaron Park so graciously revealed to us about the real Karen England. AB 375 will likely be heard in Assembly Judiciary tomorrow morning.)

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