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Having gone to high school with David Boies has always been a great weight to carry.  When we had our 50th High School Reunion for Fullerton Union High School…..and his spokesman Bob Gosney another Reunionee announced and let us know that Dave wasn’t able to attend due to being called out of the country to Russia….by the President – we were not shocked.   Since we were always on opposing sides on the Debate Team at Fullerton….but we kind of miss Debating him on whether or not “The US should adopt the European Form of Education”.

Today, Dave and Ted Olson appeared on Meet the Press to discuss the upcoming decision of the Supreme Court scheduled for next Tuesday regarding “Same Sex Marriage”.  The Supremes will have to decide whether or not every state must regard another states law and marriage certificate as legal in every other state.  A positive might then require every state to even overturn their own state law on marriage and legally allow “Same Sex Couples” in their states.  This would mean of course that these couples could file joint state tax returns and be allowed all rights granted a man and woman married union.  They both seemed to think that the result will be a 8 to 1 or 9 to nothing decision.  “Same Sex Marriage” will be approved, based upon “Equal Protection under the Law” and “Non Discrimination based upon race, religion, national heritage or sexual preference”.  “The Polygamy issue is irrevelant!” …said Boies!

What truly happens on Tuesday will be interesting to watch.  The United States keeps getting more interesting every day.  What was once considered criminal behavior is today considered OK.  The list is too long to mention, but in the old days – if you ran from the police, you were simply shot and killed.  If you got in your car and ran from police, you were shot and killed.  If you robbed a liquor store, caused mayhem or rioted, you were shot and killed – regardless of race, religion or national heritage.  Today, people can join groups like ISIS/ISIL or Al-Qaeda on-line and run off to Syria to kill other Americans.  People like Ed Snowden can take US secret information, run off to Russia and does not expect to be imprisioned or killed on sight.  Even declares himself an national hero!  There is little doubt the ethical, moral and honesty in our society has become altered a great deal from the days when these things were not so easily noticable – as they are now – on the world wide web.

Perhaps, before the days of the 24 hour news cycle, entertainment driven news, car chasing,  bloodletting news, bad reporting, poor information gathering and general public stupidity…….when Walter Cronkite said:  “It was a day like all days, filled with those events that enter, alter and illuminate ….our time…..and YOU WERE THERE!” maybe things were not so different – but they certainly seem different.  We might say, we have become an aware uninformed society, calling for “Legislation by News Cycle”.  Remember Ebola……as the President mentioned at the White House Coorespondents Dinner.  What about the Measles outbreak?  What has 159 people contributed in a country of 320 million done to change rules on vaccines to kids?  There were 28,000 cases across Europe just last year.  It seems that, If people see it on the news….it must be the gospel, according to Wolf Blitzer, Bill O’Reilly or Brian Williams.  Marvin Gaye probably said it best: “Heard it through the grapevine!”

Let’s get serious.  Now that “Same Sex Marriage” will march rightly through the Supreme Court, there is little doubt that this issue’s boat had already sailed several years ago – by the way; it will be interesting to see where this ruling moves the moral needle, during the coming election in 2016.  Will Warren Jeff, validate his 13 wives and take the full tax break?  Will the guy that wanted to be buried with his Lamborgini, be able to marry his vehicle before he dies and take the tax write-off for care and upkeep?  Will Jean Seberg finally be able to marry both Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood…in “Paint Your Wagon” and take the tax write-off?  Will “Madame Butterfly” not commit suicide and marry another sailor or perhaps half of his crew – in revenge?  What about a girl that wants to marry one man and one woman?  What about the guy that wants to marry three other guys and one girl?  What about the grandfather that wants to marry his grand-daughter or grand-son?  Heck, there are just so many creative things that can happen when it comes to marriage.  There may be no end to it.  A lady wants to marry her cat?  A man wanted to marry his horse?  Guess those Family Trust rules are going to change soon!

Whatever happens on Tuesday….it will be the right thing to do….no doubt.  The LGBT Community has come a long way and put years of effort into making it happen and by finally doing many of the right things in our society – to set the bar higher.  Many brought their true kindness, understanding, charity and generosity as examples to others; in many cases which is still hard to beat.  Our thoughts about Bruce Jenner? – our hearts go out to him and his family.  Tough gig.  We know it must be difficult for Bruce, but when you think on it, it must be even more difficult for the whole Kardashian family.

For those who forget who David Boies is – he defended Al Gore against George W. Bush at the Supreme Court during the end of the 2000 contested election.  Dave lost that one …….to Ted Olson.  Today, they are just two peas in a pod on “Same Sex Marriage” and regardless of our own personal animosity toward Dave…..we must give “The Devil his due!”  Someone had to do it and now the final, final answer is now in the hands of the Supreme Court of the United States.

To our dear Family Values friends, we can only say to this issue:  “The times they are a changin…” per Bob Dylan.  There are no more quarter hair cuts, nickel cokes or smoking on airplanes either!  How much are those new I-Pod watches…..anyway?

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