Three Easy Steps to Solve the World’s Problems!




underpants gnomesAs LBJ said about eight months before the Gulf of Tokin Resolution:  “We are not going to send American boys eight thousand miles to fight a war which Asian boys should be fighting!”  Or as Ronald Reagan said in front of the Brandenburg Gate:  “Mr. Gorbachev….tear down this wall……”  We are now waiting for the President of Mexico to say the same thing at the border of Juarez and El Paso, Arizona, California and New Mexico.  Or as FDR said:  “The only thing we have to fear… fear itself!”  We are now waiting for someone in the US Government to say the same thing about Iran – since North Korea already has the bomb which Netanyahu has said nothing about!  Or as Jimmy Carter said:  “We have to learn that we live in a world of limits and we are all going to have to sacrifice!”  We are now waiting for the Big Oil Industry to grasp that concept, when the technology changes to solar powered turbine engines.  Or as Jonathan Winters said:  “The world is a shit sandwich and the more bread you have the less it tastes like shit!”  Or as Strother Martin said in Cool Hand Luke:  “What we have here is a failure to communicate!”

There are solutions to problems that we face in our so-called technological society, but what might they be?.  ISIS/ISIL wants to bomb everyone into the Stone Age and cut off as many heads as they can!  Big Oil wants to keep us all locked into the 19th Century where we can be dependent on their whims and fancy’s.  The 1%’ers want everyone to put their money into Stock Market Pension Plans, so they can play the “skim”.  All the Doctors want people to get sick on so-called prescription drugs – all of which they can get kick-backs from and all of which require three more to deal the with the side-effects of the first ones taken.  All Teachers don’t want any accountability for their teaching creditials and want to work just six months a year.  Politicians and Bureaucrats all want lifetime jobs with unlimited power and unlimited kick-backs.  Rich folks want to keep most poor folks poor.  Republicans love to hate Democrats.  Democrats keep winning the Presidential Lottery.  The Republicans refuse to pass laws and Democrats go right along with them. The entire Media is controlled no matter what country you live in and they all lie and just want to cover social media like Facebook and The Bachelor.  Google and Amazon control and rule the world.  The things they are putting in our food supply are right out Agent Mulder’s or Scully’s X-Files diary.  There are not enough armed drones to go around and be employed where needed.  They have 3000 different Christian Sects and 1400 Islamic Sects.  They can change which Radical Islamic Sect is killing people on a daily basis.  They can change which Christian Sect or country is attacking an Islamic State on a daily basis.  The Police keep killing the Homeless people that the Politicians and Elected’s refuse to put up or incarcerate.  Israel wants to be safe and keeps creating more “Settlements which steals Palestinian Land”.  When Palestinians complain – they bomb them.

All these problems seems insurrmontable, unfixable, but most importantly….very undesirable.  So how do we fix these things?  These things all seem like a perpetual motion machine that we can’t stop.   We have entered a virtual episode of The Matrix.  So, what to do?

The first solution is to NOT Vote.  Do not vote for anyone or anything.  This way you can’t be held responsible for the end of the world.  The second solution is to be mean and rotten to all your friends, family and every stranger you meet, so you can’t be held responsible for their abberrant behavior.  Thirdly, you can stop participating in anything social, where you have to talk to anyone:  This would include work, purchases at the mall and any extracurricular activities which may include some type of physical motion.  We all can withdraw into clam shells like in The Matrix.  We can all live in our own worlds, not taking responsibility for our fellow man and not caring what happens to anyone but ourselves.  We can all use only two sheets of toilet paper, to save the environment.  Sometimes we won’t even use toilet paper, so we can really save the environment and use and raise those beetles they have in Saudi Arabia for that purpose.

Some might think these are simple solutions to very complex problems, but we have all seen these times before – when society has driven us all into “Shock Mode”.  After we are “shocked and outraged a million times” – how long can it go on?  We all have to just say STOP IT.

To Bibi Netanyahu, John Boehner, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly, Brian Williams and about 2000 more deserving fellows of that cloth –  Just Stop!  Fingernails on a chalk board and root canal all sound more entertaining.   So, these are the three simple steps to solve the world’s problems.  If you have some better ideas, we are certainly open – write your heart out fellow independent thinker!

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