SD-37: And So It Ends — Mr. Sasquatch Goes to Sacramento, but First Has This to Say

Moorlach Sasquatch on Train to Sacramento


It’s done.  Mr. Moorlach — or as OJB has long depicted him, the Sasquatch — is going to Sacramento.

Things ended with a whimper rather than a bang as the last few votes trailed in, but let’s take a look anyway.

Registration and Turnout
Completed Precincts: 248 of 248
Reg/Turnout Percentage
Total Registered Voters 491,852
Precinct Registration 491,852
Precinct Ballots Cast 10,375 2.1%
Early Ballots Cast 0 0.0%
Vote-by-Mail Ballots Cast 66,772 13.6%
Total Ballots Cast 77,147 15.7%


STATE SENATOR 37th District, Short Term
Completed Precincts: 248 of 248
Vote Count Percentage
JOHN M. W. MOORLACH (REP) 38,125 50.3%
DONALD P. WAGNER (REP) 33,411 44.0%
NAZ NAMAZI (REP) 2,621 3.5%
Louise Stewardson (W) 1,696 2.2%

That’s a big +14 for Moorlach today, a +8 for Wagner, a +2 for Namazi, and a +1 for Stewardson.  That’s 25 total votes.  Not a great day for Wagner, with 32% of them.

By How Much Did Moorlach Win?

For purposes of determining whether this race is over, one had to view the race as a contest between two candidates: Moorlach and Not Moorlach.  If Not Moorlach had more votes, we’d go to a May runoff.  Here are those results:

MOORLACH:               38,125  [+14]

NOT MOORLACH:     37,728  [+11]

VALID VOTES:            75,853

50%+1 LEVEL:             37927

VICTORY MARGIN:  398 votes

38,125/75,853:             0.502616903748  [that’s for the benefit of Chris Nguyen]

Do We Really Need to Do “How Many Ballots Left to Count?”

Total estimated number of ballots to count (after Election Day): 8068

Total estimated number of ballots counted (after Election Day): 8068

Total estimated number of ballots left to count: 0

How many did OJB predict would come in?  8000.

Will There Be a Recount?

If some interested voter in the district wants to pay me to do one, sure!

Anything Else to Say Before We Go?

Sure — but let’s let John Moorlach say it.  From his email newsletter:

My opponent, Don Wagner, posted something conciliatory on his Facebook page today.

It looks like we can now move forward and go about the job of State Senator!   I’m looking forward to working with my opponent and the rest of the Republicans in the Legislature.


You are invited to attend my swearing in ceremony this Sunday at 4 p.m.

The event will be at the Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope (see

Our Master of Ceremonies will be former Tustin City Councilman, and the Rescue Mission’s CEO, Jim Palmer.  The invocation will be led by Kindred Community Church Senior Pastor Philip De Courcy.  Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait will lead the pledge of allegiance.  And the Honorable State Senator Bob Huff, California’s State Senate Minority Leader, will officiate the swearing in.  There will be a small reception following the program.  The dress code is Sunday afternoon casual, which means that Reyn Spooner shirts are recommended for the men.

The OC Register covers the final vote count in the firs piece below.  It is followed by a kind letter to the editor.  The Daily Pilot provides a closing column by Barbara Venecia on the campaign in the third piece.  And we close with a recap by The Sacramento Bee, a newspaper I’m sure I’ll be more involved with in the months and years to come.

Of course, the Register’s figures are not precisely the final ones you see above, but the final from yesterday.  Let that be a lesson to you while you’re in Sacramento, Mr. State Senator: if you want the actual facts, don’t rely on the Orange Lady — come to the Orange Juice!

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Somewhat verbose attorney, semi-retired due to disability, residing in northwest Brea. Occasionally runs for office against bad people who would otherwise go unopposed. Got 45% of the vote against Bob Huff for State Senate in 2012; Josh Newman then won the seat in 2016. In 2014 became the first attorney to challenge OCDA Tony Rackauckas since 2002; Todd Spitzer then won that seat in 2018. Every time he's run against some rotten incumbent, the *next* person to challenge them wins! He's OK with that. Corrupt party hacks hate him. He's OK with that too. He does advise some local campaigns informally and (so far) without compensation. (If that last bit changes, he will declare the interest.)