The Republicans’ Last Train to Clarksville




train wreck

Scott Walker is one of those guys that we always hated in high school.  His elitism always showed through.  He dated someone popular, but was totally non sexual.  His elitist attitude of  “I know and you don’t….” was always totally unattractive.  He got elected to class President because he kissed up to the School Administrators and his mom and dad were both teachers – out of the district.  Walker’s bald spot tells of someone on Viagra and we bet he juices constantly.  This guy, when pushed into a corner – “Punts!”  Just the kind of guy that you don’t want as a President of United States.  Right now Walker is hoping someone will pick him up as their VP after the Republican Convention.

The journey of Rudy Guilliani has been a long one.  He did a great job as Mayor of New York, his best friend Bernard Kerik is a great guy that was much later wrongly indicted.  Mayor Rudy was an American hero on 9-11, walking through the falling buildings, putting his life at risk to control the mass chaos.  Rudy turned down the Million Dollar check from the Saudi’s.  This was likeable Rudy.  Rudy ran for President but couldn’t break through.  Rudy was castigated as being too moderate-liberal.  Meanwhile, Rudy runs one of the biggest and best law and security firms on the planet.  Rudy backed away.  Rudy pulled back from media appearances and withdrew into his own business.  Well, Rudy is back – now that less than two years from the next Presidential election – someone has to do something.  Why is Rudy appearing with Scott Walker?  Why is Rudy worrying about how much President Obama LOVES America?  Our guess is that Rudy really wants to be VP for Jeb Bush.   We love Rudy – but our alternative guess is:  He knows Hillary is going to win, so he throws a few fire bombs and goes home.

Jeb Bush is the odds on favorite to be the Republican Candidate for President against Hillary in 2016.  Jeb is sounding very Presidential lately – with even positions on Boots on the Ground against ISIS/ISIL.  Jeb is skinnying down to the point that he is making Chris Christie very jealous.  Jeb has a huge operation behind him.  Jeb has all the connections with all the usual suspects.  Jeb would put war time consulary Bob Gates back in charge of Defense.  Jeb would put James Baker back in charge of Secretary of State.  Jeb would put Don Rumsfeld in charge as his National Security Advisior or Director of the CIA.  These are all the entrenched and well loved Republicans of yesteryear.  This would be another repeat of Bush the Elder, George and Laura and finally Little Jeb….or Big Jeb – you choose.

Chris Christie is playing it cool.  Chris is probably loading up on Nutri-System meals and getting ready for the campaign road in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  We have yet to see the best of Chris Christie.  Jeb will have to be careful that Chris doesn’t kick some serious tail in any debates with the other major candidates.  Chris Christie is a “scorched earth debater”.  He will bring the heat and fire when it is necessary and the little boys in the group; like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul. Mario Rubio and Paul Ryan will pull back in terror.  Christie will defintely be the crowd pleaser in the group.  We believe his comedy writers are better than any of the other candidates as well.  Heck, how can the Governor of New Jersey be a Dallas Cowboy fan?  That is funny – just for starters!

Too bad that Mitt Romney is out of the race.  Mitt was always good for beating up the rich 1%ers, finding that detached, unconvincing rhetoric that no one wanted to listen to.  God, we miss the real Republicans:  Our old Congressman Chris Cox, Congressman Dan Burton, Congressman John Shadegg, Senator Dick Armey, Senator George Allen and Congressman Bob Livingston.  Where are those guys?  Well, “it’s the Last Train to Clarksville, you can meet me at the station – it’s leaving at 4:30 and they are taking reservations – don’t be slow…, no, no, no!” – said the Monkees back during the Nixon Administration.  Well, let the Whistle Stopping begin!  It is just too bad that with all the Republican candidates for President – that there isn’t one with a solution to Immigration, HealthCare, Israel, ISIS/ISIL, Ukraine or the Global Economy!  We will all be forced to watch all the talking heads, pundits and media mavens voice their ignorant opinions on what mouth wash seems to be working best.  How bad is it?  It is so bad that Sports Center has gotten boring too!

Can’t we just elect Hillary and get on down the road for the next eight years?  Can’t we just phone in the next two years and put it all on Video on Demand?  The biggest mystery will be who Hillary will pick for VP.  She cannot pick Senator Elizabeth Warren because Liz is far too valuable in the Senate.  Who does that leave?  Al Franken?   Guess we will have to wait and ask the big guys at Raytheon, United Technologies, General Dynamics, ADM, Merck, Bayer, Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Oil and the Bank of England to get that answer!

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