Koch Blocking: Obama Vetoes the Kochs’ Environmentally Ruinous Keystone Pipeline!

Keystone cork

As of yesterday, President Barack Obama had issued an extremely low total of two vetoes over his more than six years in office.  Now he has issued a third one: a veto of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring the dirtiest source of oil in the world — Canadian tar sands — down to Texas where it could be refined and shipped overseas.  The primary advocates of the pipeline were the Charles and David Koch, the rapacious industrialists who have vowed to spend as much in the 2016 Presidential election as either of the two major parties.

Keystone XL would have undone much of the good that California has done in fighting catastrophic climate change.  It would have posed continuing prospects of disaster for communities and aquifers along its route due to leaks.  And, for those who want to get all practical about it, it would have profited the United States (other than the Koch Brothers and their thralls) virtually nothing.  It would lead to temporary construction jobs that could better be directed to needed  infrastructure repair — and beyond that pretty much zilch.

This is a signal day for the Obama Presidency — and introduces an issue that will probably be significant during the 2016 (and 2020, and beyond) Presidential elections, because it’s the rare Republican Presidential candidate who would have had the brains and the guts to issue this veto.  It is especially a victory for organizations such as 350.org who know that getting atmospheric carbon dioxide levels back down below that threshold is critical to humanity’s continued long-term existence.

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