Weekend Open Thread: Bartok, Bar talk, and Covered California Open Enrollment Season!




First, check out my new video of the great dissonant 20th-century Hungarian composer Bela Bartok‘s early composition, Rumanian Dance #1 (1910.)  It’s good for you!  It’ll put hair on your chest, and you can let the music play while you consider what you want to contribute to the open thread, “within the bounds of decency and decorum” as Greg says.  Or, never mind the decorum, that’s less important than the decency…  [UPDATE video better mistake edited out]

Tragicly, Bartok died in New York in 1945 at the age of 64, of undiagnosed leukemia.  One of his last statements was “The only thing I regret is that I’m leaving with a full suitcase” – meaning, he had a lot more ideas of compositions he wanted to write.   The American composer George Gershwin, whose Rhapsody in Blue I also frequently play, died eight years earlier at the age of 39, from an undiagnosed brain tumor.

If only these great composers had had the chance to enroll in Covered California like I have, we might be enjoying a whole lot more of their music.  Good news for YOU though – it’s open season from TOMORROW (Nov 15) till December 15.  I signed up early this year, and ended up with AltaMed.  At nearly no cost to me, they froze off all my white-person sun-spots aka “pre-cancers,” and gave me every imaginable test before throwing up their hands and giving me a clean bill of rollicking good health.  Vern is indestructible!  But even if I’m not, I have AltaMed, who just sent this out:

Covered CA Open Enrollment is Now! 


You must sign up for health insurance by December 15th to receive coverage starting January 2015 and avoid paying a penalty. 

 To better assist you, please bring:

  • Birth Certificate(s)
  • Photo ID or Residency Card(s)
  • Two Current Paycheck stubs or Last year’s Federal Income Tax Return
  • Naturalization Certificate(s)
  • Social Security Card (s)
  • Proof of Address (bill or mail sent to your address)

November 22nd

Santa Ana

8 am to 5 pm

 Make Your Appointment


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