The Lakers, the Trojans…… and Bill Cosby went to Temple!

We love our new LA Laker team.  So, they are only 3 and 10…..but they have a pretty cute team.  We love the Coach Byron Scott, we love Kobe and even Nick Young and Jordan Hill have had to shape up.  Jeremy Lin is a great steady Eddie type and we have a whole bunch of cool role players that all seem to be acting “like a team”.  We cannot tell you how much more attractive these Lakers are, even at 3 and 10 compared to the old nasty D’Antoni – Steve Nash Lakers of old.   As much as we detested the old Lakers…..we actually hold a nice warm puppy feeling regarding this new LA Laker team.  It is such a nice change, that we are actually considering dusting off our old 2009 Championship T-Shirts and wearing them to Gelson’s, Trader Joe’s, Mother’s Kitchen and Whole Foods.  The new Kobe is very attractive too.  No baloney Kobe,  is telling it like it is and staying energized, playing 40 minutes a game – Dude!  That is certainly attractive, no matter what the record of wins and loses.  Hey, the NBA this year is a mess.  the Cleveland Cavs, the Golden State Warriors, the San Antonio Spurs, the Dallas Mavericks…….all look like world beaters and the poor LA Clippers look like they need to take more vitamins.  This is going to be a very interesting NBA Season.  The Vegas Gamblers are going to make billions and billions……because no one knows who is going to do what or when someone is going to make their move.

Then you have the case of the USC Trojans.  7 and 4 as we speak.  Thrashed convincingly by the UCLA Bruins last night 38 to 20.  The Victory Bell will remain Powder Blue at least another year.

Sky Blue

Just for the record. Grrrr….

The Sark with no Bark…….got their butts kicked hard.  It was sad to watch actually.  We thought for a moment that UCLA was playing Fresno State or maybe San Diego State.  Not that we don’t like the Bulldogs or the Aztecs – they are wonderful teams, but hardly a match for a top 10 AAA NCAA Top Tier PAC-12 team.  Next week is going to tell the tale.  UCLA plays Arizona and USC plays the dreaded Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, who have lost their last three games and will be the underdog to the Trojans when they arrive at the Colesium for their final rivalry game.  The Trojans, should they lose to the Golden Helmets will wind up with a 7 and 5 record.  The Trojans will have to pray to even make it to the Alamo Bowl against a team like Duke or Nevada.   We won’t mention that Sark and his team of proven 7ups or Pat Haden should shuffle off into the sunset.  It won’t do any good.  Haden and Sarkesian are much like police chief in Ferguson or Jerry Sandusky………they are not quitters.  They have no ability to understand when they have reached the limits of their ability.  No quit in these folks EVER!

Our society has become one of denial.  The Republicans deny that Homelessness is a National problem.  They deny that Immigration can be fixed.  They deny, they deny and then they deny again……..  So, it make all kinds of sense that people within our society follow the same example.  The recent Bill Cosby outing issue follows so many other law breakers that have inundated the airwaves endlessly with denials or in this case….refusal to say anthing.  The number of women accusing Cosby of rape or sexual distress/abuse is unwards of 16 or more.  All their stories oddly match.  We remember Bill vividly when he was the first black man to do a television drama called “I Spy” with Robert Culp and Martin Landau back in 1965.  Maybe, that is where Cosby learned what to drop in a girl’s drink to make her more open to his advances.  Heck, the 60’s, 70’s and even the 80’s had a lot of weird stuff….going on….as we recall.  Lot’s of hypnotism, drugs and hot rubbing oils.  Who knows what kind of things folks could get hooked on?  Cosby went to Temple University we understand,  which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Oops……just how close is that to Penn State University?  Probably all just a coincidence.  So how long do you think that Bill should deny all charges?  How about as long as Donald Sterling did?  At least that long?  Or should he try and break that record?  So far Jodie Arias still is holding the record for denial…… may be difficult to break that record.  Rayvon Martin – George Zimmerman?  Let’s not go there.  That would be like talking about all the denial going on in Ferguson, Missouri.  Where is Donald and Shelly Sterling again?  Bernie Madoff  however…….is fine….not to worry!

Just hold a good thought for our LA Lakers,  new management for the USC Trojans ……..and remember that Bill Cosby went to Temple!


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