Slate Mailers Now More Reliable than OC Register


The OC Register‘s weekend delivery has been a less than exemplary.

So I was gladdened this morning when every driveway on my cul-de-sac had a freshly delivered newspaper.  The rolled up paper seemed a bit small, but we all know The Reg has been economizing lately.

Imagined my surprise when I discovered this morning’s delivery wasn’t the Reg, but instead was this week’s edition of Larry Agran‘s slate mailer that adopts the format of a community newspaper.  Worse, it wasn’t even news — it was the identical mailer that appeared in my mailbox earlier this week.

This got me to thinking:  given that most slate mailers go straight from the mail box to the recycling bin, is hiring “newspaper delivery” now a more cost effective way to deliver slate mailers? Which politicos in your neighbor are using this alternative distribution mechanism?

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