Of Witches, Fordes, and Sculptures

Some claim Arnod Forde was given a weird Wicked Witch of the West sculpture by a Great Park contractor.  Who else needs a gift like this?


Back around 2007, a story made that rounds that a Great Park contractor had given noted Laguna Beach art collector Arnold Forde a “Wicked Witch of the West” sculpture.  A friend of Orange Juice has now embellished that tale, claiming that the sculpture cost over $100,000 and was given to Arnold by Great Park contractor and noted home remodeler Yehudi Gaffen.

Apparently, this was no ordinary statue. The wicked witch is claimed to have been outdoors, with shoes sticking out of the ground. On each side of the entry were a pair of gloves. When one looked up,  on the wall was a witches hat and a big red blob that signified the witch was crushed. Apparently much of this was visible without going on the property due to some sort of large red ribbon leading to the installation.

Now that’s a neat rumor!

So let’s have some fun: if you could give a weird, pricey sculpture to someone in OC politics, what would it be?

I think Larry Agran needs a 15 ft sculpture of the Great Park Balloon for his front yard made from chunks of the El Toro runway. We could then give 15″ replicas to all the “Friends of Larry” who worked at the Great Park — but I’m not sure we have enough runway for that many sculptures.

Greg Diamond should give Dave Ellis a life-sized sculpture of the Creature from the Black Lagoon emblazoned with the Poseidon logo.

What large, sculpted object would you give to your favorite OC Politico?

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