Geoff West Writes THE Definitive 2014 Election Takedown of Jim Righeimer and Measure O — You Have to Read It!

Righeimer in Bubbling Cauldron

Scale not to size.

OJB could link to posts from our friend Geoff West at our co-“OC Political Blog of the Year” A Bubbling Cauldron without reading them and still feel that we were steering our readers in the right direction.  But we do try to read them — and once in a while a masterpiece comes down that demands a story begging you, especially if you’re from Costa Mesa, to go there and partake.  The story at the top of its RSS feed right now, “Why I Won’t Vote for Jum Righeimer,” is that sort of tour de force.  Go and read it — smile and rejoice that Geoff West is still on the case.

Here are some tidbits — a couple of sections taken from the middle of the piece that may especially appeal to Juicers’ refined tastes — describing the horrific “record of accomplishments” compiled by Riggy in his first (and hopefully only) term, to whet your appetite:


  • Because of his capricious actions since he took office Legal Fees have doubled.
  • His first major misstep was the illegal and ill-advised attempt to issue layoff notices to more than 200 city employees, which resulted in turmoil throughout the city,  the death of young maintenance worker,Huy Pham, and a lawsuit that still percolates.


  • He portrays himself as a fiscal conservative, yet hands the CEO a $1,000,000 contingency (slush) fund annually, which Righeimer uses like pocket change to fund his whims during the year.
  • He views the Convention and Visitors Bureau as his own special piggy bank.  The CVB covered cost overages for the now-notorious 60th Anniversary celebration.
  • On that subject,  the whole event is still under scrutiny by the the Orange County District Attorney’s office and, so far, has resulted in the termination of one employee – after receiving 9 months paid leave and a $170,225 settlement.  That dark cloud hangs directly over Righeimer.
  • The CVB sponsored a trip for Righeimer to China a couple years ago for “business development”. Righeimer, a shopping center developer, has also made junkets to Las Vegas with an entourage of city staffers to a shopping center development conference the past couple years.  So far, no business coming from those trips is evident.
  • He brays about paving city streets, but conveniently forgets to mention that the money for that asphalt came from not hiring enough city staff to provide the essential services on a timely basis.  His is a philosophy of potholes before public safety.

There’s more — so much more — but you’ll have to go to Geoff’s joint to read it all.  And there is a lot to read, so bring some water with you — although not any food, because you might have trouble keeping it down.

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