Larry Agran is Running Against His Own Record

Larry Agran is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaign mailers that trash development plans he spent years putting in place.

(photo credit: OC Weekly)

Politicians regularly run away from their record. Larry Agran is  no exception, needing to talk about anything but “where did the Great Park’s $230 million go?”  He has tried a variety of issues including a disastrous attempt to adopt a sister city in Viet Nam. However he has made attacking the very growth plans he created the centerpiece of his campaign.

Consider Larry’s Sept. 2  eight-page campaign weekly campaign mailer (yes — Larry  mails an eight-page faux newspaper to Irvine voters every week) that highlights the current “reckless” growth:

According to the City’s current Strategic Business Plan, the number of homes and apartments in Irvine will increase by 25 percent in the next decade, and could go even higher.

Who created this breakneck growth?   Larry Agran, Sukhee Kang, and Beth Krom, as shown on page two of the Business Plan.   Larry and Sukhee changed the master plan for the Irvine Business Complex to allow thousands of new for high-rise residential housing units, even though doing so honked off neighboring cities.

This raises an interesting question:  Who is paying for the hundreds of thousands of dollars for these slate mailers?  Historically, Irvine Business Complex developers helped underwrite Agran’s mailers.  Do they still?  If so, is Larry sincere about “slowing” the growth? Alternatively, is Larry writing checks to his own campaign again? If so, how is a man in his fourth decade of public service able to so lavishly fund a city council campaign?

As a wise man once said,  “Follow the money…”

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