“If You’re explaining, You’re Losing” – a Great Park PR ‘Own Goal’

Voice of OC reports that Gafcon, the Great Park Design Studio operator, has responded to charges of incompetence with an hour-and-half long video attacking Chrsitina Shea   — who isn’t running for re-election.

If you’re explaining, your’re losing.

What does Gafcon CEO  Yehudi Gaffen  think he is accomplishing with 90 minute, lawyerly video restating a long list of negative statements from the depositions?   Does this sound like anybody’s idea of  effective PR?

Adam Elmahrek reports “the video takes direct aim at .. Shea. ”   Which is odd, because Christina Shea is the one member of the current council majority who is NOT up for election. Wouldn’t it make more sense to attack Stephen Choi or Jeff Lalloway?

If Gafcon thinks they need to defend themselves against the HSNO auditors — or the “witch hunt” as Beth Krom calls it — why are they showing their cards before HSNO files the final report?   Now HSNO knows which bits of  paper to include in the report to undermine the Gafcon video.

If this is how Gafcon ran the Design Studio — and the Depositions make clear that Gafcon CEO Yehudi Gaffen ran the show day-to-day until Mike Ellzey grabbed the reins — then it’s little wonder Larry Agran needed to keep Forde & Mollrich on retainer.

Gafcon has built an web page  to make its case, complete with comment section. I already have a comment awaiting moderation; I am curious to see if they let it through.

In meantime, I am working on a long post  about the depositions of Yehudi Gaffen, Brendan McDevitt, and Pat Fuscoe.   Careful reading reveals how  Design Studio functioned (short answer: with only occasional contact with reality).


UPDATE:   I reached out to Alex Ziegaus of Southwest Strategies, who is handling  Gafcon PR on this issues.  He explained, “”We have made no effort to be involved in the election, our work is aimed at exposing the false statements made about our firm’s capabilities and performance.” So Greg got that right.

However, Greg misunderstands why the Great Park depositions are being released in such an odd way.  They aren’t being “selectively leaked.”  They are being publicly released as soon as available at the request of the City Council Minority.







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