Who is Running for Fullerton City Council in 2014 — and Why

Fullerton City Council Candidates 2014

Voters may choose two from this fall’s City Council menu in Fullerton, L-R: Rick Alvarez, Larry Bennett, Doug Chaffee, Sean Paden, Jane Rands, Greg Sebourn. Not showing: Bill Chaffee.

Fullerton Rag

Seven candidates, including two incumbents, have filed papers to run for two open seats on the Fullerton City Council. The election takes place on November 4, with vote by mail ballots available a month earlier.

The field consists of Jane Rands, Sean Paden, Doug Chaffee, Greg Sebourn, Larry Bennett, Rick Alvarez, and Bill Chaffee.

Let’s take a look at who they are and who they are likely to serve if elected, ladies first.

Jane Rands

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