David Gregory….Meet the Press….Bye Bye!

Chuck Todd will be taking over hosting duties on the Sunday NBC Meet the Press on September 7th.  Finally, the powers that be, determined in their wisdom that David Gregory had outlived his usefullness trying to replace Tim Russert……after a long and boring six year try.  As we say in the trade, no need to beat the dead horse…….but Chuck Todd will be good candidate to Meet the Challenge – on the Sunday Morning staple news program.  Chuck is coming over from MSNBC and the transition should be seemless.

There is little doubt that the litany of repetitive Sunday News Programs need a little shot in the arm.  How tired are we of watching Lindsay Graham, John McCain and the same list of experts in their constant aggravating ego center take on the various issues.  The talking dead…….are not entertaining, nor informative.  They bring opinions, not facts and certainly not latent facts that we have not heard before.  Don’t these people read the British or French newspapers?  Don’t they go on line and Google anything?  Are they just there to collect a paycheck and nail the party line….whatever side they are on?

Diane Sawyer got dumped from the ABC Evening News for George Stephanopolis……so?  Whoopie…..  No biggie!  Meanwhile, the lovely Jane Pauley is filling in on CBS This Morning……..which is really not her venue.  Jane needs to do Specials…….she is not a good news reader or social butterfly.  We are hopeful that This Morning bring back Margaret Brennen when they need to replace Gail King or Nora O’Donnell – both of which we love dearly.

What ever happened Ed Schultz on MSNBC?  We liked him, but it is hard to find his spot….if he still has one.  Rachel Maddow is hanging in there and seems to have stabilized MSNBC with her presence.  Meanwhile, FOX in the FOG…..continues …….what happened to Glen Beck and Mike Huckabee again?  Haven’t watched any of those people for about three years now.

Guess we are just getting down to Bill Maher…..once a week.  We don’t like all of his stuff that much either.  He hasn’t had Darrell Issa on now for a couple of years.  We loved seeing Duncan Hunter Jr., and we are still waiting for him to bring in Ed Royce!  Dana Rohrabacher should also, always be welcome.  We have yet to see Corey Booker or Elizabeth Warren step into center stage.  What about Chris Christie?

Meanwhile, the tastelessness continues…..and the same stale pundits give us their mediocre opinions.  What ever happened to Peggy Noonan…..she suddenly became so indecisive and apologetic for whatever her position…on anything.  George Will……….is really innane.  The McLaughlin Group is still on PBS, with Pat Buchanan and he is still wrong 80% of the time.  John McLaughlin however is still a trip!   That leaves Bob Schieffer and Face the Nation…..who is still fine.  Of course our personal favorite is Charley Rose…..who has more interview chops in his little finger than any of these other folks ever will have!

So, our advice is simple – if it sound partisan and non factual……….turn it off…….  David Gregory…Meet the Press….Bye Bye!

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