Breaking: Irvine City Council issues Contempt Request

The Irvine City Council meets today at 2:30 to ask the Superior Court to compel Forde & Mollrich to produce Great Park billing records.



This special meeting was called within the last 48 hours, and will almost certainly result in the City Council voting 3-2 to support:

Aleshire & Wynder LLP, special counsel to the City of Irvine, recommends that the City Council determine the pertinent questions and documents they seek to compel, and that the Mayor report this determination to the Presiding Judge of the Orange County Superior Court, pursuant to Government Code Section 31076. The Presiding Judge, or her designee, can then issue an attachment directed to the Orange County Sheriff for Mr. Mollrich to be presented before the Court.


Allan Bartlett’s twitter feed  ( @allanbartlett) will probably be one of the better places to follow this as it develops. You canwatch the video on Channel 30 or the Web TV interface.


UPDATE: Motion carried  5-0


The best moment: Irvine   Planning Commissioner Harvey Liss  carefully describing how Arnolde Forde greatly exceeded the scope of the contract by  quoting the Stu Mollrich deposition.

Harvey — you’re a Agranista. You’re suppose to be HELPING Larry defend  F&M.

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