An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

Let me start out by saying that I worked many hours on your campaign (for free) when you first ran for president in 2008. I got a lot of “grief” for doing so but I adamantly defended you. I believed you were the “hope and change” this country so desperately needed. I believed every word. I will give you credit for being a great speaker and whoever wrote your speeches should be commended as well.

It wasn’t long though before I realized (to my dismay) that you are just one of a long line of presidents, who say one thing and do another. Is “selling your soul” one of the requirements to be Commander in Chief? I won’t go into the laundry list of complaints I have against you. I want to write about the one that is blaring in my face right now. Today. August 2, 2014.

You claim that our country is “exceptional.” You claim to be a Christian. Our leaders tell us over and over (via Fox News) that we are a compassionate, Christian nation. Please answer this question. Do exceptional countries sell weapons of mass destruction to other countries that will be used against innocent civilians? Is that how you define exceptionalism? Is this the behavior of a compassionate country, which bases it laws on Judeo Christian teachings?

Is this what compassion looks like?

You know what country I’m talking about. And it really doesn’t matter which country I am referring to. Pick one. The U.S. sells weapons to a variety of countries and groups who are the “flavor-of-the-week.” If the group we sell weapons to end up using them against us, “Hey! That’s ok. That means more weapons sales. More money for the military. More money for those who make those weapons and that’s good for the economy!” And don’t get me started about our use (and justification) of drones on sovereign countries.

You told us in one of your stump speeches, that your administration will be the most transparent. You haven’t been so far, so why not do me a favor and cut the bullshit and admit that our country’s economy depends on continuous conflicts and ongoing wars. And if there isn’t one, we’ll just make one up.

Thanks for listening and hope you and your family enjoy a well deserved vacation. You must be exhausted.

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