Is Talking to Republicans a Firing Offense in Irvine?

Larry Agran may have tried to get Great Park CFO Colleen Clark fired because she was “speaking about Great Park issues to these Republicans.”

Tuesday’s release of the Deposition of Colleen Clark by Great Park forensic auditors was about as expected:  more solid evidence of shoddy work, over-payment, and dictatorial control by Larry Agran.  CFO Clark also tells of trying to get the billing reduced for some particularly shoddy feasibility reports from The Design Studio.

Amongst  four redacted pages  of CFO Clark discussing her interactions with Larry Agran,  two brief sections remain un-redacted:

Q All Right. And the CEO would be present, and you as Deputy CEO would be present, as well, a these visioning meeting?

A Yes, I would  … he [Larry Agran]  would invite me in. …

[three pages redacted]

“Q All right.  And was the implication that you were speaking about Great Park issues to these republicans [sic]?

A  Yes

Q And what was Mr. Cooper’s role with the city?

A  He was the Manager of Operations for the Great Park

[ one page redacted]

Q What did you do after that?  Did you take any steps to seek other employment?

A  I did.

A lot could be in those redacted sections. The remaining unredacted comments may not actually be related.  But….

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