Welcome Home Trooper Bowe Bergdahl? Yes, Welcome Home!

President Obama not only has nerves of steel, but a great streak of brave in him.  We know of no other President since Eisenhower and the days of Francis Gary Powers that required such elan in negotiating the release of an American citizen.  Bowe Bergdahl is a Sergeant in the United States Army.  Whether he wandered away on a balmy night in Kandahar or had a secret assignment with a local Afghany partisan……the true reasons we may never know.  What we do know is startling in the extreme.  After five years in custody of a terrorist organization  – yesterday Bowe Bergdahl was released in exchange for five very nasty Gitmo Detainees.  Just check out their mug shots on the web!

Bowe Bergdahl

Bowe’s back!

The President brought Sergeant Bergdahl’s parents to the Rose Garden and announced to the world – Bowe Bergdahl is coming back to the USA.  As we all sit here in disbelief that this story has ended with a live person – the second guessers and micro-managers of our Foreign Policy and Intelligence Communities are having a field day on the Sunday talk shows.  Years ago two CIA operatives came home in much the same manner.  The actual negotiations and details of who and what were traded in exchange have never been revealed – in the name of National Security.  Then came the return of our entire Embassy personnel in Iran shortly after the Carter years.  This is another untold story that no one seems to grasp……WHY did the Iranians in their wisdom quickly decide to return our folks after over a year of imprisionment?  The Carter people say they had been working on it and the Reagan folks are keeping mum to this day.  Orson Wells and the Harry Lime story of “The Third Man” film in the 1950’s led to stories of serious intrigue which included phony anti-biotics, drugs, phony currency and the like.  Amazingly, the brilliant minds in Congress have selective memory on everything, especially if they can make a partisan point out of nothing.  We are still amazed that the Republicans have not take credit for killing Osama Bin Laden.  Hey!  It was their idea ….right?

Finding a definitive answer to how Bowe Bergdahl was taken, who took him and held him and finally what it took to have him returned may not be the standard Jody Arias or Casey Anthony never ending story that our phony newsmakers would like to follow over the next 120 day news cycle.  Looking at these thing realistically, just the fact that Elliot Rodgers was born in Great Britain…..still hasn’t come out of all the machinations of the loud swill of Mr. Martinez shouting down the NRA and paid off members of Congress that are not voting his way….on a variety of issues…much less firearms.  The point is simple, Bowe Bergdahl in home, back in the USA.  How he got back and what happened at the beginning, middle or how long it will take for him to ever re-adjust to living any semblance of a real life in America, may be simply a fascinating dream…that may or may not ever come true.

Those who have served in War Zones for any period of time can take decades to re-adjust to civilian life.   The horror and torture experienced by a captive or even by a deserter are unbelieveable events in anyone’s life.  We could care less how many Al-Queda detainees were traded for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.  It could have been 20 or more, because if it was us or our brother, father, mother, son or friend – whatever got it done would be worth it in the extreme.  Oh sure, there are many people that we would hope they might even keep with our best wishes, but Bo Bergdahl is a metaphor for the last man out of Afghanistan.  We could not leave him there – hanging in the wind when everyone else leaves the war zone – one and for all.

The US presence in Afghanistan may last another 50 years, but it officially will be AFTER CONCERTED MILITARY ACTIONS of over 10 years.  It is the very reason why Israel is willing to trade prisoners of war with various groups to get their troops home.   The world has changed and the standard rules of borders, uniforms and political, economic back channels – are over.   We are now dealing with philosophical issues much like those we have experienced in Cuba with Fidel and Che back in the 60’s.  After the Bay of Pigs debacle…..we traded folks, goods, money and everything else – to get those folks back whole.

Bowe Bergdahl, God Bless Him and has been through it.  Psychologically he may never totally recover.  Let us hope so.  Let us support him with signs around the country that say:  “Welcome Home Bowe!”  Our country is probably too tied to “The Wolk of Wall Street” menality to do that – but is should be done, as the Yellow Ribbons that were laced around trees in every town in the United States begged to get our POW’s Home from Vietnam, our Embassy folks home from Iran and our boys that came home from World War II, Korean and elsewhere!

Welcome Home Trooper Bowe Bergdahl…………you are one we want to keep here in America and no matter what you went through, we are pulling for you!


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