Thomas Jefferson Negotiated with Terrorists.

In October of 1784 an American Naval vessel “The Besty” was taken by Barbary Pirates.  This process ended with a full blown war in 1801 when an American Warship “The Philadelphia” was captured by Tripoli Pirates.  In the end Admiral Stephan Decatur had to board and recapture the half sunken grounded Philadelphia and burn it so that the Tripoli Pirates could not refloat and use the vessel.  $60,000 dollars was paid to retrieve the crew.  The demands by the Tripoli Pirates included $1million dollars a year in “Tribute” over 15 years.  The $60,000 dollars by the US Adminstration in 1805 to seek the release of the crew, described the payment as “Ransom” rather than “Tribute”.

The current lies and deceptions of the newly found/formed  Republican Jihadists in Congress such as Lindsay Graham and others saying that “We never negotiate with terrorists!” is not only  duplicitous but fully generated to seek political advantage no matter what the President might do.  The fact of the matter is that President Dwight D. Eisenhower negotiated with the Russians in order to get our U-2 Pilot – Gary Francis Powers back…..which included removing missiles from Turkey and other areas adjacent to Eastern Block countries.  As you might recall, our U-2 was shot down by Russian missiles.   Ronald Wilson Reagan negotiated with Iran to support the Contras!  The list goes on and on.

As we look back at the political strategy of Thomas Jefferson on the Tripoli/Barbary Pirates…..we have to think that history is now simply repeating itself.  The actions of the Somali Pirates takes a old page from history.  The actions of the Russians, using surrogate paid mercenaries and Special Forces to invade Ukraine, the attack on the infrastructure of Iraq in order bring down that government utilizes the very same strategy.  These issues/tactics/strategies are not new.  The messy solutions will continue today, much as they did back in 1801, in the first year of the Jefferson Administration.  Jefferson’s political opponents used the same name calling demeaning tactics that John McCain and Lindsay Graham are using today.  Far afield from anything near – “A loyal opposition!”  Those days are so over!  As the Republican Jihad continues unabated against President Obama and his Administration – the character of the President will be greatly tested, just as it was during the Administration of Jefferson.  There will need to be a combination or a matrix of solutions to solve these same age old questions.

Let’s start with the repatriation of Bowe Bergdahl – the President will have to be strong enough to demand that Bergdahl be allowed to go home with a General Discharge and partial benefits….including education and healthcare.  There also needs to be another Executive Order to the CIA to never remove the observation on all five traded terrorists.  On Iraq, unlimited airstrikes by International forces on any troop movements by ISISL must be forthcoming.  If the government of Iraq is to fall – it must be through there own democratic process.  The Kurds in the north need to become Independent and find a long term negotiated peace with Turkey.  Perhaps Turkey could annex the area in what they used to call  “Protectorate Status” until physical security is maintained.   The battles in the Ukraine need to be protracted in the Eastern Provences.  The cost of life and treasure to Russia must be treated much as it was in Afghanistan.  The end game hopeful outcome for the Russians should be considered to be – the same as was when they left  Afghanistan!

As we draw closer to the 2014 elections, “The Donald Sterling Terror Duplicitousness” will continue unabated.  The word of almost anyone in society is obviously lacking credibility.  You say yes – then you say no!  This is what the Tripoli/Barbary Pirates did in 1784!  Nothing new under the sun.   The half-truth demagogues will be out in mass – the closer we get to the November elections.  What did the Eagles say:  “You can’t hide your lying eyes!”.  The verbal sins and deceptions will continue unabated!  As you see some Republicans switch sides faster that Italian Soldiers at the end of World War II, trying to be everything to everyone – we should not and cannot be deceived for long.  Bowe Bergdahl is certainly not Phillip Nolan – “the man without a country!”  Bowe Bergdahl, if he was one of the thousands of Vietnam POW’s and MIA’s…….there wouldn’t even be a footnote in the national news.  Since Bowe is currently considered “the last man out of Afghanistan”…sadly events prevent his simple relocation back to his small town roots and his family.  Bowe Bergdahl is now considered in the same vein or category as Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox!  Sad for him and sad for our country.  Anyone who served five years in enemy hands may not deserve a “Get out of Jail Free Card”  break – but certainly not being ostracized without a fair hearing and fully open forum.  For those Republican Jihadist who continue their attacks with more half truths – hoping someone is going to buy their puke – our dream is that people do their own research and look into the facts instead.  Look into the history and look into their hearts.  Look carefully, and their is little doubt – you will see right through the rhetoric yes/no answers!

Our firm hope is that President Obama will attack those Isis pick-up trucks with impunity.  Not because they are wrong or because they are Sunni’s or Shia – but because upsetting the apple cart in Iraq now is currently not cool or proper and endangers the entire world economy.  We hope they are forced to pay the supreme price for their huberus!  Thomas Jefferson Negotiated with Terrorists!  But only to a point!  Isn’t that where the Marine Corps Hymn came from? We may not need boots on the ground – but maybe in the air Mr. President?


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