Your URGENT Calls Needed to Pass SB 1381: Senate Votes This Wednesday

This Wednesday SB.1381 will be voted on in the California Senate. SB.1381 requires all GMO foods sold in California to be labeled.

Senator Noreen Evans (D – Santa Rosa) authored the bill and if you aren’t sure what the details are, read on:

Existing law, the Sherman Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law makes it unlawful to manufacture, sell, deliver, hold, or offer for sale, any food that is misbranded. Food is misbranded if its labeling does not conform to specified state and federal labeling requirements regarding nutrition, nutrient content or health claims, and food allergens. Violation of this law is a misdemeanor.

This bill would require that any food, except as provided, offered for retail sale in the state be considered misbranded if it is entirely or partially genetically engineered, as defined, and that fact is not disclosed in a specified manner. The bill would prescribe labeling requirements for a raw agricultural commodity that is genetically engineered and packaged foods, as defined, containing some products of genetic engineering. The bill would also prescribe who is responsible for complying with those labeling requirements. The bill would authorize the Attorney General or an injured resident of the state to bring an action for injunctive relief against a violation of these provisions, as specified. The bill would authorize a court to award a prevailing plaintiff reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, and would prohibit a court from awarding monetary damages in an action brought under the bill’s provisions.

We need your help to make sure this law is passed by calling your state representatives, especially the following senators; they haven’t decided how they will vote. If their office is closed, you can leave them a message on their voicemail.

Sen. Richard Roth (D – Riverside) 916-651-4031

Sen. Mark Wyland (R – Orange County) 916-651-4038

Sen. Ed Hernandez (D – LA/West Covina) 626-430-2499 (When you call Hernandez you will get a prompt to leave a message by pressing 0. You will hear silence for about a minute, then another prompt comes on tell you to leave a message. Do not hang up. It just takes a minute to get through.)

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