Don Sterling’s Leaky Boat

Sterling and Stiviano underwater

“Glub.  Glub glub.  I’m floating on a sea of love.” 200 quatloos to the first person who can place that!

Don and Rochelle Sterling?  Yep, they are a LA power couple that really makes a statement.  Yesterday, somehow…a new audio tape of the voice of Don Sterling was released denouncing racism by him and anyone he knows.  Those that think this wasn’t a planned activity project by Don’s group of high priced retainer driven legal team might be smoking the wrong weed for too long.  The theater aspects of the Sterling flop is truly amazing.  Shelly or reborn wifey, Rochelle Sterling has charged up her credit cards and has gone crazy on Rodeo Drive with the purchase of many new outfits suitable for the wave of paparazzi chasing after her, day and night.

Rochelle says whatever Donnie Boy did has nothing to do with HER ownership of the LA Clippers.  Rochelle says that the LA Clippers are her life legacy and the ownership belongs to HER family.  We have yet to determine if Rochelle has been able to determine how much sex Don had with Steviano, for how long and whether Shelly has gotten any of the Bentley’s or the Ferrari back – along with the $2 million dollar Condo?

It was refreshing to hear Doc Rivers say that: “not speaking for me, but there are a lot of people who would have a problem with Shelly keeping the team!”  Everyone else in the sports world seems “speechless”!  Donnie boy stated on his new audio tape that everything he said was simply because he wanted to have sex with the girl with the Face Shield!  Donnie claims that he might say anything to get into her pants!  Sounds like Donnie needs another Single Malt Scotch to firm him up a bit along with a double dose of Viagra or Cialis.  Calling these comments “misogynistic and totally offensive” would be a major understatement.  Donnie keeps talking himself deeper into the pit of self deprecating stupidity.   Whatever he is paying his legal team, he evidently is not taking their advice or else he is taking their advice and they are ripping him off totally.  The Grand Euphemism Message: ” Just collegial Boy Talk…..I’m a stud…..I know how to screw over stupid women and my wife knows all about it.  I can still have sex at 81.  I have enough money to buy anyone off!”

The remarks of baseball owner Marge Schott now seem juvenile in comparison to those of this “Sexist, Racist, Bigoted Idiot” who has owned the LA Clippers for the last 30 years.  Having anyone in the Sterling circle continue to own any part of this team should be an national outrage of a sizeable magnitude.  Evidently, Donnie needed to actually see a march on Staples to get the message – since that didn’t happen; what he did is entirely too wrong for words.  Sorry Don, your phony leaky remarks will not float.  The only thing that Don and Rochelle now seem to be floating;…….is a big brown uggie!  Time to drain the pool and sanitize everything with some good strong muriatic acid and bleach!  Don’t forget to clean out the drainage trap too of the leaky boat of Don Sterling!  We want Oprah to buy the Clippers thank you very much!



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