President Obama Receives Humanitarian Award?

Steven Spielberg gave President Obama the Shoah Foundation’s prestige Humanitarian Award in Los Angeles last night.

There is no coverage about this except the usual media lapdogs and certainly no one questioning the hypocrisy of this award. I am disappointed in Spielberg.  What is he thinking? What’s humanitarian about dropping drones on “suspected” terrorists in sovereign countries? What’s humanitarian about invading countries, killing thousands of innocent people, and pretending to do so because their citizens need saving from a tyrannical leader; when everyone on the planet knows it’s about regime change and installing a “puppet” government?

President Obama is continuing the policies of past administrations and telling the American people his administration will be the most transparent. Who does he think he’s fooling? Certainly not me or anyone else paying attention. I guess the bar has been lowered to the gutter when it comes to the criteria for receiving humanitarian awards.

Awards should be given to those who search for the truth and expose the lies presented to the American public on a daily basis. They are the ones who are truly looking out for those who cannot speak up for themselves. They are the ones in the trenches — not the government “employees” on the transnational corporate payrolls.

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