OC Register Slams Anaheim Council Majority

“[T]he move to change the [Anaheim] mayor’s term of office from four years to two years stands out as particularly suspicious.” (emphasis added)


Bravo Orange County Register! Our very own paper-of-record is spot-on in urging Anaheim voters to vote ‘no’ on the hyper-political measure D. While coy in approach, the Register not only rejected the measure in substance but called-out a Council Majority determined to avoid the consequences of their cronyism in November.

In the Register’s words, D does “nothing more than clip Mayor Tait’s wings”. Meaning, money/time that would otherwise be spent on defeating the Council Majority must now be spent educating voters and defeating measure D. As such, the Council Majority launched this plot to distract their opponents, and with the intent of drawing resources away from the pivotal contest in November.

What the Register leaves out, is how much the Council Majority’s clever campaigning is costing taxpayers. After-all, there little ploy is also drawing funds away from the city’s budget. (see: “particularly suspicious”; read: particularly shameful)

No on D


About Daniel Sterling Lamb

Daniel is an attorney in Orange County, California. A conservative activist born in Anaheim, he is driven by his dedication to fiscal responsibility and transparency in local governments. "Government does not solve problems—it subsidizes them” Ronald Reagan, first said in 1967 and used many times as governor of California and while campaigning for president of the United States. He loves that quote! Follow Dan on twitter @DanSterlingLamb