‘E’ as in ‘Elitists’: If You Aren’t from Anaheim Hills You Weren’t Supposed to See This

Measure E Elitists front

Does anyone out there believe Anaheim’s leaders really care about all areas of the City equally?  When they argue against District Elections they claim all 5 represent all areas. H orse feathers.

That egalitarian spirit of “all for one” sent out a mailing that went to Anaheim Hills voters, and ONLY Anaheim Hills voters, offering to exempt the Hills from fireworks — their noise, dangers, and impacts to household pets — while planning to extract funding from the sale of flatlands fireworks to pay for their own safe fireworks display!

See pics above and below for a copy of that mailing.

Measure E - murray dumps on flatlands

Council member Kris Murray tells her neighbors:

“I believe the City Council will unanimously support keeping all fireworks illegal in Anaheim Hills even after Measure E passes, to ensure sensitive hillside neighborhoods remain safe.”

Steven Albert Chavez Lodge announces he will be using the sale of carcinogen bombs in the flatlands to backfill his inability to raise money for the Anaheim Hills fireworks displays, in an area not subject to the impacts of the fireworks his group will be dumping into OUR neighborhoods. What a guy, really. 

“Every 4th of July” (you mean the whole 3 of them Lodge has been in Anaheim?) “we struggle in Anaheim Hills to raise fund for our parade and professional fireworks display. In recent years we’ve come close to having to cancel traditional Anaheim Hills Independence Day community events due to funding shortfalls. That’s why the Anaheim Hills Community Council supports Measure E. Measure E will legalize safe and sane fireworks in areas of Anaheim where they make sense” (ie not where any of the people on the mailer live or anywhere near those receiving the mailer live)“while keeping all fireworks except professional displays illegal in Anaheim Hills. That makes sense.” 

Steven Chavez Lodge, Vice President, Anaheim Hills Community Council

Does anyone doubt what they mean by “areas where it makes sense?” Is that not politically correct shorthand for “dump it in the flatlands with the rest of our problems?” Oh, but don’t forget to stop and make a buck on our misery on the way back to the hills!

We have managed to elect people we believed in, who get to City Hall and become indoctrinated by the mindset that the only areas of the City that count are those that represent revenues. Somehow they missed that in civilized society we do not measure the inherent worth of a person based on their net worth or financial value, yet they have no problem using this unit of measurement when determining which areas are “worthy” of better schools, road repair, community centers and libraries, or even the right to enjoy our homes without the fear and emotional distraction of having our roofs burned over our heads, and our pets terrorized!

And here we have community leaders coming right out and admitting that the safety of their “sensitive hillside neighborhoods” is somehow deserving of better protection than those in our West and Central neighborhoods. I have news for these people. Dried out drought stricken homes are the same all over Anaheim. A West Anaheim tract home built in 1962 will go up like a Roman Candle just as easily as the 1970s faux Spanish stucco in 92807, possibly easier, as hills homes lean toward tile roofs while West and Central Anaheim still sport many original shake roofs!

Here is an idea. 

Let’s offer the fireworks in the one area of the city where residential units are forbidden by law. If safe and sane lobbyists want to line the pockets of our elected leaders, fine, then let’s allow the 5% of the city in the Resort to devote their parking lots and streets for fireworks displays. The Gardenwalk mall is empty, let’s go over there. And the companies making obscene money selling these carcinogen bombs can pay one of the few appropriate fees I can think of, so that fire crews and additional Police patrols can come down hard on the illegal bottle rockets and M-80s that plague my own neighborhood (and likely yours as well) sending our pets to shiver terrified under any furniture that can squeeze under (whether they fit or not!) 

And then let’s call our leaders on their elitist attitudes that find it perfectly acceptable to dump their unwanted activities in OUR neighborhoods. profiting from the impacts of what they have exempted themselves from!
Cynthia Ward, central Anaheim … admitting that the only thing surpassing fear for my beloved wooden home, that has been drying in the California sunshine for 105 years and ready to go up like a tinderbox, is fear for our beloved corgis — as we know Maggie detests the first week of July, and poor Sarah has no idea what is coming her way this year! 

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