An Open Letter to: Pamela G. Bailey CEO Grocery Manufacturers Association

Saturday, millions of people around the world took part to March Against Monsanto. There is growing public awareness about what is hiding in our food, and Monsanto is certainly behind the secrecy, but that does not let the ones who make our food products off the hook. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) play a big part making sure that genetically modified foods (GMOs) are not labeled. That is about to change!

See all those marchers? They represent a fraction of Americans who are boycotting your GMO products.

Let’s be honest, Kellogg, Dean Foods, Coco Cola and your buddies. You have high paid lobbyists who greased many politicians palms to get them work for you, but that is about to change!

I am here to tell YOU that your days are numbered!

For some reason you thought you could keep your disinformation campaign going and fool the mom’s and dads who buy your food to feed their growing children. That is changing daily!

We are fed up! Your plan is back firing! Please, go ahead and sue the states who have the guts to stand up against your powerful (mafia style) tactics.

There was no local news coverage of the march in my area (even though press releases were sent) but you are making headlines in social media. RT News covered the march.


We do our networking on line. Parents are talking with each other about your hidden GMOs and we are boycotting YOU.


The above listed food companies are members of the GMA.

We are going to our grocery stores and demanding they sell foods that are LABELED Non-GMO. Every day food manufacturers are jumping off the sinking “GMO ship” and are providing and SELLING GMO FREE foods. They are more than happy to take your market share.

Please —  continue with your nasty behavior “Makers of GMO foods.” You are only hurting your bottom line AND YOUR CREDIBILTY! And do you know why? Because you and Monsanto decided to wage war on “WE THE PEOPLE”, suing farmers, whose fields are contaminated with Monsanto’s GMO seeds, allowing Supreme Court Justices who once worked for Monsanto (Clarence Thomas was Monsanto’s attorney and still decides Monsanto lawsuits); we know you are buying off politicians, and appointing former Monsanto employees to the FDA.

We decide what we will feed our kids. Not you!

That’s the way a FREE MARKET works! If you sell something people don’t want to buy, you either 1. Change and make what customers want (if it’s not too late since your credibility is severely damaged), or 2. Go bankrupt! It’s Milton Friedman 101 baby! Didn’t you learn that in your Economics class? Your greedy, immoral behavior will be your demise and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Please don’t use the excuse that food will cost us more money, if you have to change the label. You already comply to the labeling laws of foreign countries.  Fifty countries around the world either ban your GMO foods or require them to be labeled. The United States is right behind them. You  shelled out millions of dollars, alongside Monsanto to prevent Americans from knowing what is in our food when we went to the polls, but your scare tactics will no longer work!

We are voting with our wallets and grocery store managers are listening. I suggest your shareholders find a safer place to keep their money because your ship is going down.

Here are some words that Moms and Dads have for you, GMA board members. (This is only a sample of what the majority of parents have to say to you)  Pay attention:

“How is it that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (a former attorney for Monsanto) be allowed to decide the lawsuit against farmers, whose crops were contaminated by GMO corn and Monsanto?” – Carol.

“Wrong! Totally wrong! When I first became a mom, I didn’t know about GMOs in baby formulas  and baby foods. Young mother’s take advantage of the convenience but don’t know GMOs are in their baby’s food, that might be hurting their kids. Daycare providers feed kids and don’t allow mothers to bring food from home. I opted out of childcare because I found out they get food vouchers from the government and the food they buy contain GMOs.” – Sophie

Look at the ingredients:  Sugar, whole grain corn flour, wheat flour, whole grain oat flour, oat hull fibre, corn bran, hydrogenated coconut and vegetable oil, salt, color, natural fruit flavoring, bht.  The ingredients in bold letters are all created in a lab and are probably GMO. But Kellogg doesn’t want you to know that. They want you to focus on the cute bird on the box. Remember —there isn’t a shred of real fruit in that box!  But —  who knows,  maybe food producers really don’t know if there is actual food in their products either!


“As a mom I know that what I feed my children directly contributes to their health and well being. My youngest son would be affected immediately when he ingested preservatives, food dye or food that was not organic. He would begin to write backwards. As long as I kept him on an organic and low sugar diet he was fine. As a mom I read labels all the time. It will cost next to nothing to add an additional line to let us know if the food includes GMOs. Stop protecting the bottom line and start protecting the consumers. We have a right to know what is in our food.” – D’Marie

“For the GMA to continually support the anti labeling campaign is self destructive. Last time I checked it was we the consumers spending our hard earned money on your products at the grocery stores.” – Canyon

“Remember the old commercials…….”it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” ? ….”Well it is an entirely new mantra now ‘It’s not nice to fool Human Nature…..with unnatural foods, chimeras of unlike species that could NEVER occur naturally’. ” ” Who would have ever guessed that the Island of Dr. Moreau would materialize in the form of our food supply….and bearing consequences far beyond Dr. Moreau’s imagination.” – Carole

Cheerios is supposed to be GMO free and their original ones do say GMO free on the back of the box, but they are not “verified” GMO free by the NON GMO Project. Their Honey Nut and Cinnamon flavored variety still contain GMOs.” –  JoAnn

“I want ALL GMOs out of the food supply. Studies show they are bad. Studies show the third generation of mice whose parents and grandparents were fed GMOs cannot reproduce. There is a rise in Type II diabetes and cancer since the introduction of GMOs. They are destroying the future of our kids. There comes a time when you have to step up and make the morally right decision.” – Danny

“Imagine what eighteen years of eating GMOs will do to our children? Our children are our future, the single most important part of our lives and THEY DESERVE BETTER!” – Crystal

“GMOs and GEs are a perverse choice of science. ALL GMOs must be clearly labeled so all our children can choose.” Aiden (age 5) and Sam (on behalf of: )

“Labeling all ingredients is not an unreasonable ask – it won’t cost the earth. It will cost the earth dearly however if GMOs are allowed to stay hidden in our food.” – Lee

“Where is the research from an independant company that GMOs are safe? There is more overwhelming evidence that is unsafe for consumption! Why is it wrong to have full transperancy on what it is we eat?” – Jacquelyn

“I truly believe that the rise in food allergies as well as high blood pressure, gluten allergy and the rise in cancer are all due to GMO’s. When I go shopping for food for my family I should be able to know exactly what is in the food I’m buying so I can make a educated decision on whether I want to serve that to my family. Monsanto and the GMA has no right to hide that information from me and have me risk the lives of my family! We have the right to know!!!” – Eve


“You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Are you paying attention GMA???

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