Wear your LA Lakers shirts Saturday!

Anna keeps asking…..why are they covering the Lakers on Sports Center?  Why do the various sports commentators continue to even mention the 3rd worst team in the NBA?  You have to be a real masochists to not change channels when you watch Mike D’Antoni or Robert Sacre make any statements regarding the play of the one time Champions of the NBA.  The saddest part of this story however is not the demise……but the stupidity of the demise.  How can Jim Buss or Mitch Kupchak even answer members of the press, or their fading tickets holders, or their world fan base with a straight face.  Are they just frozen in time or plain paralyzed with fear…..that any decision they make ….will be considered another major blunder?

Hey, lets look at the good side of this story:  Kobe will not come back till next year and may actually recover enough to be worthwhile in 2015-2016.  Steve Nash will not come back and hopefully just plain retire and move back to Phoenix.  If every Laker fan says their prayers, “over and over and over again…..my friend, you must be believe we’re on the Eve of Destruction”….and Jim Buss will grab a pair………we will fire D’Antoni BEFORE the end of the 2014 Season.  If not, we can add Buss and Kupchak to the Pat Haden Graduate School of Stupidity.

There is little doubt that we have beaten this horse far too many times.  PETA may write us a note……on the whole affair – it does seem that bad.  It was fun to see Phil Jackson turn down the New York gig………they still want him as the GM…..but our guess is:  “It ain’t goin happen….this life!”    Pat Riley and Jerry West are just laughing their butts off – in between quietly shedding a few tears for days gone by.  Poor Magic, has even had to shut down his quality comments.  Karem meanwhile along with Shaq…..are just sitting their……going:  “Hey, at least we got a statue in front of Staples!”

So, today we wear our 2009 Championship NBA Finals T-shirts.  We remember the good old days and we wax poetic about the Golden Days of Lakers Basketball.  Hey, right now there are only three teams in the NBA that are fun to watch anyway.  The Heat, The Pacers and The Golden State Warriors.  Bet you had another choice for number three?  At any rate, it is going to be tough for the 2014 LA Lakers to beat out The Milwaukee Bucs with only 12 wins…….heck our Lakers already have 21!  In any event, we will have a pretty good chance at having the number 4 pick in the NBA draft.  Heck, if the guy is really good….Buss, Kupchak and D’Antoni can trade him for five our six – 3 point a game players.  Well, to be fair……we really don’t see anyone named Curry on the Lakers roster in the next three or four years.

So, dear LA Laker fans…..rejoice….at least we have already won several NBA Championships – maybe it is time for someone else….maybe?  Probably, then?  There are only 22 games left to play for the Lakers this year, wouldn’t it be great to see a new coach for the last 10 games?  Oh well, just hoop dreams and nothing more…..a total waste of time.  It’s just like expecting the USC Trojans Football Team to win a National Championship again –  maybe in 10 or 20 years…..maybe!  So, don’t forget – Wear your Lakers T-Shirts today with pride!  We are breaking new ground every day!


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